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    Girls in bathing suits in Bucharest, 1930

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    Girl in Boat, 1935

    Nathan Lerner

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    Rockwell Kent at the Smithsonian Archives of American Art

    For this installment of In The Stacks we sample a part of the extensive archive of Rockwell Kent’s papers that reside at the Smithsonian.

    Kent traveled widely and wrote, painted and drew about his experiences. From Alaska to Greenland to Moscow, Kent and his family immersed themselves in the cultures they visited with each trip providing Kent a plethora of artistic fodder.

    In 1918 it was a trip to Alaska with his son that brought us the memoir Wilderness which The New Statesman called ”easily the most remarkable book to come out of America since Leaves of Grass was published.”

    Then in the mid-1920′s the publisher R. R. Donnelley asked Kent if he would have an interest in illustrating an edition of Richard Henry Dana, Jr.’s Two Years Before the Mast. Kent had a better idea, how about illustrating Moby-Dick instead.

    The rest is history. It was first published in 1930 in a three-volume limited edition of 1000 copies by the Lakeside Press of Chicago, which sold out immediately, and then followed by a trade edition from Random House.

    The book became and remains a high-spot of 20th century illustration.

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    Underwater Pals at Florida’s famous WEEKI WACHEE, Spring of Live Mermaids. Located just North of St. Petersburg, Tampa and Clearwater.

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    At the top of the lighthouse

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    A Guide to Six Strange Ocean Phenomena Through a 19th Century Text

    Curious things happen out on the ocean. Some of these natural phenomena are illustrated in detail in Philip Henry Gosse’s compendium The Ocean from 1854. As part of their recent releasing of more than a million images into the public domain through Flickr, the British Library shared a few of these strange occurrences in their 19th century glory, and out on the seas you can still sometimes witness the otherworldly spectacles with your own eyes. 

    We break them down for you over on Atlas Obscura…

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    Portuguese Man-O’-War, Watercolor illustrations after John White, 1585-1593

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  10. Over the past two weeks the Black Fleet of Russia obtained 51 ships of the Ukrainian forces, all of them hoisted the St. Andrew’s flag of the Russian navy. It means that out of 61 ships of the Ukrainian naval forces, only ten still belong to Ukraine. Some of these ships are still battleworthy, others are in a very poor condition.

    Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?

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    Illustration by George Leonnec

    For La Vie Parisienne


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  13. British Transport Commission - “Transport Age No.6”, July 1958 - Dover Docks by Lawrence Bagley

    Commissioned to show the modernisation of both docks and harbour facilities and British Railway’s shipping and ferry services.

    Laurence Bagley (1922 - 1983) was born in Southampton and specialised in marine and aviation subjects.

    The vessels are The Lord Warden at the dock, then one of the new class of BR ferries, with the older Dinard' sailing out from the harbour towards France.

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    " SPARS "  …  US Coast Guard Woman’s Reserve  [Circa 1950’s]

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