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    tidal creature ~ Alex Alemany

    realismo mágico

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    New York City. 1942.

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    George Bellows, Churn and Break 1913

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    mailed Tuesday April 23, 1912, little more than a week after the ‘Titanic’ sank, and only a few days after survivors arrived in New York. Card, no doubt sent in response to cabled messages, addressed to Brighton German Bank of Cincinnati, OH, and reads: ‘The White Star Line most gratefully acknowledges the expression of your deep sympathy, and shares with you profound sorrow for all to whom the loss of the S.S. “Titanic” has brought great bereavement.’

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    A dramatic image of a flotilla of Royal Navy Battlecruisers of the Atlantic Fleet at sea. 17/01/1930 ©Press Association

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  9. Soviet Navy’s Pacific Fleet sailor in full dress.

    The telnyashka (Russian: тельня́шка) is a white undershirt horizontally striped in various colors, and dates back to the 19th century Tsarist Navy.

    It is an iconic uniform garment worn by the Russian Navy and the Russian  Naval Infantry (marines).

    The telnyashkas originated with distinctive striped blouses worn by the merchants and fishermen of Brittany.

    The fashion was later adopted and popularized by the French Navy and other navies of the pre-Dreadnought era.

    Telnyashka has become such evident symbol of masculinity in Soviet culture, that it is sported by dozens of popular non-military characters of the cinema and even children’ cartoons. There is a popular saying that describes the wearing of telnyashkas as an indicator of a “real man”; "We are few in number, but we wear telnyashkas!"

  15. Submarine Attack (I.F.E. Releasing, 1954)

    Re-released in 1959 as Torpedo Zone.+ In this adventure, the commander of an Italian submarine scuttles a ship and ends up saving the survivors. He must then make the difficult decision about whether they should live or die. (allmovie)

    This Italian movie is only incidentally about life aboard a submarine during the Second World War. It is no epic adventure like the more famous DAS BOOT or RUN SILENT, RUN DEEP. Rather it is a quiet reflective anti-war film about the dilemmas of good human beings trapped by the exigencies and ironies of war. (more on imdb)

    Maritime Monday for December 16th, 2013: Movies About Submarines, Part 5; Immersione Rapida!