2. 1929, “Engineering for Children”

    Children’s Textbook Covers in 1920s Japan on 50 Watts

  4. 1928, endpapers, “Story of an Airplane”

    Children’s Textbook Covers in 1920s Japan on 50 Watts

  5. The Bermuda sloop is a type of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel developed on the islands of Bermuda in the 17th century.

    In its purest form, it is single-masted, although ships with such rigging were built with as many as three masts, which are then referred to as schooners.

    Its original form had gaff rigging, but evolved to use what is now known as Bermuda rig, which had been used on smaller Bermudian boats since the early 17th Century, making it the basis of nearly all modern sailing yachts.more


    " Three Masted Bermuda Sloop Entering Kingston Harbor, Jamaica "  ….  [1834]  Artist: John Lynn, UK

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  7. ppsh-41:

    British sailors of the HMS Exeter, York-class heavy cruiser (along with a submarine crew member on the far right) having a laugh in 1939. 

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  9. Gente Menuda, 1936, cover by López Rubio

    Gente Menuda first appeared in 1904 as a children’s supplement of Blanco y Negro. Its heyday and real popularity occurred from 1932 up until the Spanish Civil War.

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