2. File this under “Failed Economic Theories”


    @kylermartz is continuously blowing my mind with the work he’s coming out with. Come out on the boat with me bud, and bring your tools.

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    Spider-Man vs the Green Goblin by Jean Frisano, Strange #37, January 1973.
    I started reading French translations of Marvel comics in 1977. Back issues were near impossible to find in my neck of the woods, but a neighborhood kid had this issue (featuring the first translation of the classic Amazing Spider-Man #39, August 1966, among other things) and a few others. Lord, I was green with envy.

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    A monograph of the Alcedinidae : or, family of kingfishers /By Sharpe, Richard Bowdler, 1847-1909 on Flickr.

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    Publication info London :Published by the author,1868-71.
    BHL Collections:
    Ernst Mayr Library of the MCZ, Harvard University

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    Skipper of an Oyster Barge.  1911.

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    A Cloudy Day (Hudson River, Coming Squall) by George Bellows

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    Van Heusen sport shirts, 1950

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    Beneath the 59th Street Bridge by Johann Henrik Carl Berthelsen

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    Seascape - John Singer Sargent

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    The Life Brigade
    Oil on Canvas
    12” x 17.25”

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    Louis Matout (French, 1811-1888)

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    The push-pull dynamic.

    Otho Cushing imagines a future of 1950, in 1914.

    pretty close…