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    Clara Rockmore, ‘Rachmaninoff: Vocalise’, The Art of the Theremin. Courtesy of ontheborderland.

    see also: Art’s Theremin Page


    Named in honor of Lev Sergeivitch Termen, (Leon Theremin), “Levnet” is a web-based discussion group for theremin enthusiasts the world-over.

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    The Geographer, 1669 by Jan Vermeer

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    Red Herring out of water

    Waterhouse by patriciarosestudio.com via tindink

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    Deliverance of Arsenoë by Jacopo Tintoretto

  6. sailors

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    But the hardships and responsibilities by no means end with the building of the Light-house; the keeper who has it in charge holds a most important position, for upon the skill of his hands in the management of the delicate costly lenses and machinery, the clearness of his head, and the courage of his heart, as well as his honesty and fidelity, depends, even more than upon the captain of a vessel, the safety of many precious lives and millions of property; so it is  of the first importance that he be intelligent, efficient and trustworthy.

    - Anon, ‘Something about Light-Houses’ in Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls (1881) [full text]

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  9. Sea Nymph by Moonlight; postcard 1930’s

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    Sailor Jerry of the Day

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    Rage For Men, My Escape From The Isle of Death (1957) Matt Backer

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    This is gorgeous! Anyone know who its by?


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  14. Mauretania at Cherbourg

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  15. S/V Dar Pomorza

    Polish Fregatte, PSM School Sailing Ship