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    Frenzy (1972) Alfred Hitchcock

    My dad was working on a film in Hollywood, one location shoot was out where the house exterior for Psycho (which had recently wrapped) was located.  Back in those days, for extended location shoots they would set the whole crew up in little caravan-style trailer camps, which essentially turned into PARTY TOWN every night. 

    So, one night, he and some of the camera crew guys had been drinking and went poking around the Psycho set.  They stood around goofing for a while and one thing led to another.  One of the camera guys had dared a sound man to spend the night alone in the house.  Not wanting to be thought ill of by his co-workers, he agreed.  There was one condition though.  He had to be handcuffed to a tripod overnight so they knew he stayed there. 

    Now, back then, a tripod could way three hundred pounds.  Again, he agreed.  They went and fetched a thermos of cocoa to keep him warm and nourished overnight and made their exit.  About halfway back to the trailer camp, the camera guy who initially made the wager, told everyone in the group that he had made sure to fortify the thermos of cocoa with an entire sheet of Ex-lax.

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  2. Australia. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

    Creator/Contributor: Sellheim, Gert, 1901-1970 (artist)
    Created/Published: Melbourne : Australian National Travel Association (Printed at F.W. Niven Pty. Ltd.)
    Date issued: 1930-1939 (approximate)
    Physical description: 1 print (poster) : color
    Summary: Poster promoting the Great Barrier Reef as a tourist destination. Stylised design of 3 fish, islands with palm trees, coral and sea weed.  Boston Public Library, Print Department

  3. By train for seaside holidays! Take a Kodak

    Creator/Contributor: Sellheim, Gert, 1901-1970 (artist) Created/Published: [Melbourne] : Victorian Railways, Australia
    Date issued: 1910-1959 (approximate)
    Physical description: 1 print (poster) : color

    Boston Public Library, Print Department

  4. at first glance, I thought it was pasta!

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  7. Hit the Deck!

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  8. "Squeak, squeeak, squeeeeeak squeak sqksqueaaaaaak! Love, Flipper"


    Pre Raphaelite Art: John Everett Millais - A Message from the Sea

  9. Water Wench Wednesday!

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  10. DOGGIES!!!!



    Stab it! Stab it!

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  11. Nature Lovers

    German; 1880s

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  12. Please, no hate mail, it’s just a ship… with four big thick beautiful stacks, Mmm, and a sleek black hull, oh yesssss… and it’s going down… -Mf


    Titanic postcard…

  13. Water Wench Wednesday!

    Cartoon Postcard - Blond Sitting on Sea Horse - 1960s German

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  14. OMG this is so bad it’s beautiful  -Mf.



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  15. Fig. 2 - The Fisherman



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