1. "Squeak, squeeak, squeeeeeak squeak sqksqueaaaaaak! Love, Flipper"


    Pre Raphaelite Art: John Everett Millais - A Message from the Sea

  2. Water Wench Wednesday!

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  3. DOGGIES!!!!



    Stab it! Stab it!

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  4. Nature Lovers

    German; 1880s

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  5. Please, no hate mail, it’s just a ship… with four big thick beautiful stacks, Mmm, and a sleek black hull, oh yesssss… and it’s going down… -Mf


    Titanic postcard…

  6. Water Wench Wednesday!

    Cartoon Postcard - Blond Sitting on Sea Horse - 1960s German

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  7. OMG this is so bad it’s beautiful  -Mf.



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  8. Fig. 2 - The Fisherman



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  9. Water Wench Wednesday continues with “Sailor Girl” by Kelly Pound!

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    This is absolutely painful and I never would have posted this. -Mf.

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  12. Custom plastic by Tommy Lin, inspired by Indiana Jones and the “Shrine of the Sea Devil”.

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  13. Water Wench Wednesday

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  14. thingsihappentolike:

    Boys of All Ages at Queen’s Park boating pond in 1955.

    In the foreground, a number of boys and men watch as a man crouches at the water’s edge having just launched his model yacht. Another yacht is about to be launched further to the right. The boating pond was built in 1905 and in 2004, almost 100 years later, model boats are still being launched on the pond.