1. George Wyllie (MBE)’s take on the fictional Scottish sailor Para Handy

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  2. Can’t remember where I got this, but it’s titled “Fischer’s Traveler’s Insurance”

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  11. projectgutenberg:

    Indeed, I am not sure but it would be safe to state that the real difference between civilized and savage man consists largely in the knowledge of knots and rope work.

    - A. Hyatt Verrill, Knots, Splices and Rope Work; 1917 full text

  12. projectgutenberg:

    Figure 8b.—Swimming, blowing, and diving characteristics of humpback, bowhead, right, and sperm whales.

    All five species of large whales with a dorsal fin belong to the same major baleen whale group, the balaenopterid whales or rorquals.

    - Stephen Leatherwood, David K. Caldwell, and Howard E. Winn, Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises of the Western North Atlantic: A Guide to their Identification; 1976 full text on project gutenberg 

  13. projectgutenberg:

    Wherever animals or vegetables are crowded, disease appears. This is true of mollusks, and it is seldom worth while looking for a specimen fit for a collection where any particular kind of shellfish lives in great numbers. Animal and vegetable parasites will be found wherever shellfish are crowded together. For instance, a perfect cockle, or one good enough for a collection, will not be found on a cockle bank, but solitary ones must be looked for elsewhere.

    - E.G.B. Moss, The Beautiful Shells of New Zealand; 1908 [full text] on project gutenberg

  14. White Star Steamer Service Time Table

    Dress on the Steamer

    On the de luxe steamers nearly every one dresses for dinner; some actually in ball dresses, which is in worst possible taste, and, like all over-dressing in public places, indicates that they have no other place to show their finery. People of position never put on formal evening dress on a steamer, not even in the à la carte restaurant, which is a feature of the de luxe steamer of size.

    - Emily Post, Etiquette (in Society, in Business, in Politics and at Home) 1922  [full text]

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  15. Map V: Night Sky - April and May


    projectgutenberg: Below the Little Bear we find Cepheus low down to the east of north, and Cassiopeia low down to the west of north. Perseus, the Rescuer, is setting in the northwest; the Camelopard is above, trying to get on his feet.

    - Richard A. Proctor, Half-Hours With The Stars: A Plain and Easy Guide to the Knowledge of the Constellations (1911) [full text]