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    This octopus ring supersedes all others. Fully customizable, you can choose your size from 4-6 and 7-11 (in half sizes too!) and even what type of metal it’s made of. White metal with jet black gun metal on top gives this an excellent vintage finish. Adorn yourself with some adorable and dangerous tentacles, wrap this octopus around your little finger! | $42

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  4. Yana Moskaluk

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    Frontal view of St. Anthony wreck

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  6. The Sailor Band:  a group of real Popeyes

    I wonder if the Popeye costume was inspired by these Basque Sailors.  They sing the Popeye song—in Spanish: The first line is Popeye (Po-pay-yay)  Marino soy.  (Popeye the sailor I am.) This was one of several bands that marched along the route to the port where the boats entered the water, loaded the crew and made their way into the bay.” From Connections.

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    Cliff “Ukelele Ike” Edwards not happy about having to swab the deck.

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  8. Yesterday, the Explorer of the Seas spent her last call in the city for 2010… The water looked almost black to the eye at Bug Light, where this photograph was taken. And the wind was nasty too out on the point. I love this setting, looking off to Portland; it provides a dramatic angle of the city when sky, weather, sunlight or night lights paint the skyline.

    Sail Away - Port City Daily Photo


  9. Women at Sea: From a Society of Bawds

    In the 1870’s famous madams side-lighted as “procuresses”. They would send out hired men – some of them sailors unable to find a berth or disabled and incapable of returning to sea – to go into the rural areas and solicit farm girls and runaways. Much like the tactics of modern human traffickers, these “cadets” as they were called would offer the girls food, drink and pretty things until they finally got them into bed. Then the shoe was on the other foot and the girls were beholden to their new “boyfriends”. They would be whisked off to New York for a quick evaluation and finally either set up in the house of the madam in question or sold to another house for a profit. Most probably never saw the man they imagined cared for them again.

    For the average sailor there was no private room, carpeted parlor or $10 bottle of champagne. So called “concert saloons” were more in their budget and these could be found from the Bowery down to Canal Street with a few of the most wretched right on the wharves. The girls here might not be all together prostitutes as sailors were encouraged to buy them overpriced drinks while the band played on. There were no rooms or curtained nooks for assignations; girls who wanted money for sex had to take their clients out to the alley or to their own hostel, if they had one. The names of the places told of their preferred clientele: Sailor’s Retreat, The Jolly Tar, Sinbad the Sailor, Flowing Sea Inn and The Mermaid are but a few.


  12. The Monkey Fist

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  13. Jacques Cousteau on What’s My Line?

    Jacques Cousteau signs in as Mr. X on the 16 September 1956 episode of What’s My Line?

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