6. The Beaufort Wind Scale

    Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort developed a scale that allows sailors to judge wind speed by observing its effect on the state of the sea and performance of Royal Navy vessels in 1806. The scale helped reduce the subjectivity of varied reports coming from different weather observers. The scale was adapted for use on land in the early 1900’s.

    (Source: surfmadpig)

  7. Balaenidae by Skot Olsen

    Skot Olsen: Paintings : 2008

  8. Finale by Skot Olsen

    Skot Olsen: Paintings : 2008

  9. Titanic Poster Sells for £69,000

    An unnamed American bought the rare lithographic picture of the ill-fated Titanic and her sister ship the RMS Olympic Photo: SWNS

    The 30x40 inch promotional poster was based on a painting by artist Montague Black showing the doomed liner and its sister ship Olympic passing each other at sea.

    The 45,000 ton Olympic can be seen in the foreground with Titanic heading for the horizon in the distance. The poster was commissioned by White Star Line before Titanic struck and iceberg and sank on April 15, 1912, killing 1,520 people.

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  10. Hvítserkur, Iceland






    Hvítserkur, Iceland
    © sigfus.sigmundsson

    Hvitserkur is the last remains of a central volcano, about 15 m high. Legend has it that this is a troll turned into stone when he was surprised by the sun while attacking a nearby abbey with rocks.

  11. La côte d’Émeraude; Le Port de Sainte-Malo

  12. Cormorant and fish, Naturhistorisches Museum, 1993

    • Wild in Bern : Claude Kuhn (b. 1948) is a Swiss graphic designer and poster artist who lives in the lovely city of Bern, where he is the art director and exhibition designer of the local Museum of Natural History.
  13. Detail of a vintage match pack from El Paso, TX, from wackystuff’s flickr collection

    Sunday Safari - Pet Sounds