1. OMFG!!!!   I want this soooooooooooo very muchly!  Shit, I would slice off my nipples with a straight razor for that fireplace  -Mf

    Furniture Made From Naval Mines on Deep Sea News

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    For Ialto

    Death from below and above…

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    Octopus, Amsterdam zoo

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    Traditional heart tattoo designs, c.1930 designer unknown.

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  9. Tattooed Angel

    by Christopher Young
    Oil on panel; 10” x 14”
    ca. 2000-2001

  10. Steve Zissou, Oceanographer, Adventurer, Dreamer. -CITS.

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  12. Lighthouse at the mouth of Pasig River & Filipino fishing boats
    ca. 1900/1902

  13. Pasig River Light; established 1642

  14. TC pic

    It’s the 180th anniversary - nearly two centuries! - of the founding of the tiny fishing community on the Cranberry Isles in Maine, where the 5th-generation lobstermen depicted in “The Secret Life of Lobsters” live and work. Here’s the commemorative postmark, showing the small boat that still brings the islanders their daily mail. I have been riding that same boat since I was a child.

    Little Cranberry Island, Maine
  15. Servicemen in Zoot Suit Riots

    Original caption: 6/11/1943
    Watts, California

    Armed with clubs, pipes and bottles, this self-appointed posse of uniformed men was all set to settle the Zoot Suit War when the Navy Shore Patrol stepped in and broke it up. the angry servicemen were out to get all wearers of oversize clothing to avenge buddies who were attacked. IMAGE: © Bettmann/CORBIS

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