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    Eric Jay Dolin, Leviathan

    An excellent history of whaling in America, written objectively without passing judgment from a modern-day perspective.  You won’t regret running through this one.

  2. This week on HMS Friday: Nautical Tattoos

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  4. Roberto Kusterle - mess/message

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    Greek tanker Mindoro vs. Cypriot cargo ship Jork Ranger - Scheveninge, Netherlands - 10/12/2010

  7. How to Write Love Letters on Twisted Vintage

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  9. (daringly and shamelessly flashes her girly and adorable side)

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  11. Kate Edith Gough, late 1870s photocollage

    Animalarium: The Ladybirds Parade

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    Together Again by K. Lolley

  14. Ooh!  Monkey Like!

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