1. Argosy

    An argosy is a merchant ship, or a fleet of such ships. As used by Shakespeare (e.g., in King Henry VI, Part 3, Act 2, Scene VI; in the Merchant of Venice, Act 1, Scene III; and in The Taming of the Shrew, Act 2, Scene I), the word means a flotilla of merchant ships operating together under the same ownership.

    It is derived from the 16th century city Ragusa (now Dubrovnik, in Croatia), a major shipping power of the day and entered the language through the Italian ragusea, meaning a Ragusan ship. The word bears no relation to the ship Argo from Greek mythology (Jason and the Argonauts).

    Since “argosy” and “odyssey” sound alike and both refer to ships or voyage by ship (“odyssey” refers to Odysseus’ journey, not to his ship, which goes unnamed in Homer’s Odyssey), occasionally “argosy” is misused as a synonym for “odyssey”, namely as an adventure.


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  2. nevver: Timothy Buckwalter

    Move on Over

  3. Beacon Stevedoring Corporation, Port of Baltimore, Maryland.  Taken September 22nd, 2010 by Monkey Fist

    I managed to snap this shot surreptitiously while I was being approached by the loading bay manager.  I stammered a few phrases about looking for some good “industrial wasteland” shots, and inquiring about access. Turns out, he didn’t come over to fuss at me, but because he saw the camera; was a photographer himself, and wanted to pass along some spots to check out.  Hah! As he turned and walked away, I noticed he had a foot-long snow white ponytail, tied back with a pink shoelace that said “World’s Best Grandpa”

    We poked around for about 25 minutes then got in line to approach the OFFICIAL GATE TO THE GREAT BIG TOP SECRET PORT OF BALTIMORE.  Jesus, you would think they were launching mind-control rockets outta there. 

    Through the sulphur and diesel haze, I was able to scan around real fast and pick out one ro-ro in a holding pattern and 2 containers at the cranes. Scattered in various sites around the midway were stacks and stacks and stacks of solid aluminum slugs, approx. 5 ft by 1 ft by 16 inches top to bottom.  There had to have been hundreds of thousands of them.  Those pigs were so heavy that a flatbed 18 wheeler that we were behind on the way in, could only carry 15 of them before it started squealing.

    The number of sprawling, shuttered and empty buildings in that area is astounding.  An entire, “I Dream of Jeanie”-looking complex with bars on the windows, wound around the loop-road for what seemed like 5 city blocks.  Primary ecological succession was encroaching in the parking lot that was vast and empty. There was even an enclosed bus stop on the curb, where one could imagine that in better days, hundreds of local men came and went in their coveralls.  No sign of them anymore.


  4. manchester

    The Fall; Susan vs Youthclub; Country on the Click

    He formed The Fall (named after the novel by Camus) with friends after dropping out of college at the age of 19. He gave up his job at Salford docks shortly after to devote his full energies to The Fall, and has continued to do so ever since.

    My favorite song this week.  There’s your fucking SHIPS connection, asshole!

    Portal:UK Waterways

  5. What does it have to do with ships, you ask?  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Isn’t that what blogs are for?  Christ, do I have to explain EVERYTHING to you?

    John Peel’s Record Box - The Fall

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    The Fall; Susan vs Youthclub on this site


    Victorian / Edwardian Paintings: First Day of Autumn

    Personification of Autumn (Currier & Ives lithograph, 1871).

  6. glorp, glorp, glorp


    carry on cruising (by graeme Maver)

  7. sailors & teapots

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  10. “The Pink Sailor”, by Yannis Tsarouchis (20th c.)

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  11. Greek Sailor by Helen Stein, oil on paper.

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  13. "Being a woman is a terribly difficult task since it consists principally in dealing with men."
    Joseph Conrad
    English (Polish-Ukrainian-born) novelist (1857 - 1924) via The Quotations Page

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  14. tamaramccoy:

    Alice is a wonderful illustrator and a lovely person all around. Check out her work at http://www.alicepattullo.com/.

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  15. Matt Albiani; Photographer

    Albiani is New England born and bred, and takes those east coast sensibilities with him on his travels, and in his work with his photographs. A fine example of this is in his first book of photographs, entitled LIFEGUARD ON DUTY, released by Antinous Press in June 2009. Albiani traveled for years across the U.S., and photographed ocean guards in their own environment.