1. Fred Spear

    An image from the sinking of the “Lusitania” in 1915. No need to explain the mother and child dead in the cold sea, or even name the ship anywhere on the poster. Every American in 1917 knew what this was.

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    adski_kafeteri: random

    Louis Raemaekers

  3. Hinomaru on the Sea

    by For W Art

  4. Old Salt

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    Ulysses and the Sirens c.1891 by John William Waterhouse

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    Southworth & Hawes

    Captain Jonathan W. Walker’s Branded Hand - Daguerreotype, 1845

    A Florida seamen originally from Cape Cod, Captain Jonathan Walker was sympathetic to the plight of the slaves. In 1844 he made an unsuccessful attempt to aid a group of seven to freedom by sailing them to the West Indies. Walker paid for his part in the venture with a year in solitary confinement, a $600.00 fine, and the branded letters “s.s.” for “slave stealer” on his right palm. The incident would probably have passed unnoticed had not Walker loyally pursued his beliefs as an effective anti-slavery lecturer after his release. Southworth & Hawes closeup recording of the Captain’s palm leaves us wondering what Walker himself might have looked like.

    From The Daguerreotypes of Southworth & Hawes

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  9. erikamoen:

    Oh wow, I’ve followed Kozyndan’s artwork for a while but don’t think I’d ever seen this one before. Super pretty!

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  10. An antique looking pendant lighting fixture inspired by ship portholes

    Ceiling & Pendant Lighting Fixtures with a Nautical Twist

  11. Crew of Penthesilea

    Miles Fisher: Get After It

  12. Umibuzo (2010)

    Featuring in the New Bento Bestiary; October 2010.

    Ben Newman82’s photostream

  13. This series of images is the result of a col­lab­o­ra­tion between pho­tog­ra­pher Matt Shelley and artist Tim Green. The pho­tographs were taken from Matt’s trav­els through Bolivia and Peru and then processed and col­laged by Tim, to give them a “1970s sci-fi/isaac asi­mov book illus­tra­tion feel”.


  14. Mines: Japanese Postcards from World War II

    The sky has run into the sea

  15. Japanese Postcards from World War II

    The sky has run into the sea