1. "The Sailor’s Adieu", artist unknown.

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  3. Beautiful colors.  Now, something like this I might consider getting.  Vintage Botanical, hmm.  Would have to be the perfect thing.  Maybe a Haekel?

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  4. ruh-roe:

    The Comics #4

    That’s funny! I thought I heard a fish splash!

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  5. datascent:

    amphibian man

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  6. Ottheinrich Miniatures

    Ottheinrich Bible
    (15th-16th century : Bavaria)

  9. Delirium and Fever


    christian northeast

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  10. numberoftheday:

    Signals 123 © Copyright 2010 Julia Trigg

    It’s great when you discover an artist, I find Julia’s work both inspiring and beautiful. Julia’s latest exhibition at Castor + Pollux, Brighton, UK, features the Signals series. Created from Julia’s collection of ham radio cards from the 1920s - 1950s.

    Image kindly supplied by Julia Trigg.

    Thank you Julia.

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  11. The sound a sailor’s head makes when it hits the deck after a fall from the mast  —Mf

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  13. Warsaw Wobble

    Krysztalowakula, illus. T.Gronowskiego, 1953

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