2. Dominique Peyronnet (1878-1943) The Ocean

    Before becoming a painter Dominique Peyronnet was a lithographer, which explains the quality and graphic precision of his drawings. This French artist was not prolific, only producing around thirty paintings. Hi.s favourite subjects were seascapes and wooded nocturnal landscapes.

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    Hercules and Atlas (1892)

  5. A Labrador plunges into the sea with its instructor during a patrol at Riva dei Tarquini in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 100km north of Rome on August 22, 2010. This summer, Italy discovered a special squad of rescue workers: some 300 dogs ready to help save lives on dozens of Italian beaches. (TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images)

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  6. Poster : Chinese Maritime History

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    Pietari Posti

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    The Little Mermaid Illustration By Edmund Dulac


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  10. Angry Navy Chief Coffee Mug Drawing by Suzanne Frie

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  11. Video: My Assurances in Regards to the Power and Persistence of Dead Whale Scents
    by brian lam

    Consider rotting tons of salty, decomposing whale flesh with intestines and blubber pouring out of shark bites. It sounds like it smells bad, doesn’t it? Well, if you have doubts, I can put them to rest for you.

    A large whale carcass washed up on Ocean Beach, in San Francisco, this week. From the photos, the whale’s body had clearly been chewed on by many sharks…

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  12. NS Savannah, Ship of the Week By Jeffrey B. Musk  

    Along a disused wharf in Baltimore harbor, behind overgrown grass and rusted piles of steel lies the gleaming white hull of an experimental ship as forgotten now as the Maritime Nation she was once meant to represent. With raked masts reminiscent of a racing yacht and a superstructure smoothed and rounded like a that of a modern mega yacht the Nuclear Ship Savannah evokes images of cocktail parties overlooking the lido deck and longshoremen working the laborious “Stick” ships that once upon a time graced the ports of the world.

    When Dwight D. Eisenhower gave his “Atoms for Peace” speech to the UN General Assembly in 1953 the Savannah was envisioned as a the maritime ambassador of a nation determined to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes. By combining the interests of the Atomic Energy Commission and the Maritime Administration the mission statement of this 47 million dollar vessel was clear; To introduce and asses the role of atomic energy in foreign commerce and it’s viability for furthering the American Merchant Marine. A remarkable example of the common interest of government and commerce in pursuing an innovative idea when new uses for technology had the potential for bettering the world.

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  13. "Megansett Tea Room" Artist Unkown.

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  14. "Sea Enchantress Tattooing Company" Artist Unknown.

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  15. "The Sailor’s Adieu", artist unknown.

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