4. Sorry, I’m still getting over a Dante’s Inferno thing from a while back.  Hell that looks like an abscessed hair follicle is pretty cool  —Mf

    Psalm 9:18 The wicked shall return into hell

  5. Drop Cap  (Drop Carp?)

    Vera Bock’s illustrations for A Ring and a Riddle by M.Ilin and E. Segal, published in 1944. Vera Bock made posters for the WPA, and (thank God) Posters for the People provides this great bio (if only I could find such bios for all the illustrators in my collection)

    A Ring and a Riddle

  6. Nautical Decor for the Fraternally Brain Dead

    Roman and Williams | Defgrip

  9. Yeah, that kid’ll grow up to be a sailor. (snort)


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  10. At Argenteuil, Claude MONET found again some of his favorite models : boats.

    Argenteuil: 1875

  12. After her new scent being compared to “a tank of embalming fluid,” Suzan makes a dash for it — despite the stormy weather. The heavy downpour works in her favor, however; and the park attendant who goes after her is entranced by of all things, her smell — that of a fresh summer’s rain!

    Romance under the Covers - Love Stories #148 (January 1973)

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