2. Jesus and Helmsman. Artist unknown.

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  3. Peter the Helmsman, artist, location unknown

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  4. Warner Sallman - “Christ Our Pilot”

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  5. Dolphins Leading a Tug

    Photo by Joel Milton

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  6. SONS; Oil Spill of National Significance - Portland, Maine - day 2; March 24, 2010

    photo by Monkey Fist

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  7. SONS 2010 – Spill of National Significance Exercise in Portland, Maine; Day One

    Looking back towards Portland, Maine waterfront / Old Port from the bridge of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Marcus Hanna

    photo by Monkey Fist

  9. Kids in Uligan Harbor, Maldives

    Robert Almeida Photography

    Note: I’ll break my “no watermarked photos” rule in this case.  Step away from the Layer Styles!!!

  10. Paying Attention: Craig Newkirk doing the pilot thing on the tanker Montego. The Star Grindanger is inbound and the ITB Orion is on berth at left. Taken on the Houston Ship Channel. Photo from My Office Window (Set) on Flickr. Great Maritime collection. featured in Maritime Monday 198 Jan. 24, 2010

  11. Port City of the Week: Hamburg, Germany - Speicherstadt

    A tourist boat passes between the warehouses of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, or storehouse city. The distinctive red brick buildings were built in the late 19th century and still store things like coffee, tea, and carpets. They also house sight-seeing hot spots like the Hamburg Dungeon, Miniature Wonderland, which boasts having the world’s largest model railroad system, a spice museum and a museum on the Speicherstadt itself.

    featured in Maritime Monday 199

  14. A stage in the manufacturing of rope; New Bedford Whaling Museum

    Sixteen photographs of New Bedford (Massachusetts) Cordage Company products, machinery, operations and employees, ca. 1880-1958. New Bedford Cordage Company (Set) on Flickr / www.whalingmuseum.org featured in Maritime Monday 200

    Maritime Monday Photo Gallery (Set: 209)