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    Crab people…

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    perfect colour scheme

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  7. Fire On The Horizon – A New Book By gCaptain

    We are proud to announce that gCaptain’s founder and editor in chief, John Konrad, got a book deal! The upcoming book titled Fire on the Horizon: The Untold Story of the Gulf Oil Disaster is being published by HarperCollins publisher David Hirshey and co-written with help from the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Tom Shroder…

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    In the Garden of the Death Orchids: The life you save may be your own

    Recently watched JAWS again & could barely sit through this scene…

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  10. Liberty Cuffs by Cold is the Sea.

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    Spoleto: Shark | Ads of the World

    Inside that’s how you’ll feel.
    Spoleto Delicious Pasta

    Advertising Agency: Artplan, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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    I love old music, old movies, screwball comedies, vintage clothes and basically I`m an old-fashioned gal

    As an old-fashioned gentlemen - I love an old-fashioned gal.

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