2. Why men go to sea in the first place

    Georg Scholz, Industrial Farm Family, 1920

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  3. "A painting in a museum hears more ridiculous opinions than anything else in the world"
    — Edmond de Goncourt (via angstyteenagedmelissa) (via my-ear-trumpet)
  4. Cliche Alert - The sexy, swashbuckling countenance of the buccaneer has long been used to sell goods to both men and women

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  5. For all the longshoremen out there… Shhhh!

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  8. The Shell tanker Batillus while taking bunkers shortly after its completion at the yard Chantiers de l’Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire.

  10. Lorrain saw both landscape and seascape as favored subjects. So we see here his Seaport with Embarkation of Saint Ursula, painted about 1641. Ursula is a saint who was from England ot thereabouts, during the barbarian period, so-called, who was set to marry and set off first for a kind of tour of Europe with a few of her friends. Well by the medieval period, those few friends had come to traditionally be 11,000 of them. Perhaps this is due to so many relics associated with her, ended up being disseminated through parts of Europe that they figured there must have been 11,000 to account for all the relics, since they they ultimately met their fate at Cologne where they were murdered, massacred by the Huns. She subsequently became a saint and is associated with young girls.

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    Tattoo flow chart (thanks to Dyl)

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  14. So after leaving our pals in Dubai, we sailed straight to Singapore and unloaded all of our containers at our normal dock. We then sailed completely empty, and very high in the water, to the shipyard in an industrial area on the west side called Tuas.

    Part 2 of Life and Work on a Containership: The Last Leg of a Long Journey