3. caduceus999:

    Tattoo flow chart (thanks to Dyl)

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  4. So after leaving our pals in Dubai, we sailed straight to Singapore and unloaded all of our containers at our normal dock. We then sailed completely empty, and very high in the water, to the shipyard in an industrial area on the west side called Tuas.

    Part 2 of Life and Work on a Containership: The Last Leg of a Long Journey

  6. The Mavens of Industry.  No Smoking, please




    Two women with cigarettes sitting in front of mural.


  7. Otto Griebel - The Naked Whore 1923

    During the Nazi years, Griebel was subjected to increasing persecution. In 1933 he was arrested by the Gestapo, but was released after protest by the Secession. Nevertheless, he was permitted to work as an exhibition planner at the Dresden Hygiene Museum. Only in 1937 was his work (together with that of many other artists) removed from German institutions; several pieces were displayed in the “Degenerate Art” exhibition in Munich.

  8. christ, where the fuck IS this? That kid looks like a Russian submariner in a leisure-jumpsuit


    Sharp dressed boys

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  10. I may change my mind on this later


    Rotten sea creature.

  12. Water has teh Powerz  -via lolvoodooz


    Black Magic.

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  13. roughknits:

    Fishing with Guns, taken by Hunter S. Thompson

    c. 1960s 

  14. I must have ships on the brain, fancy that.  I immediately perceived these women as being on a ferry. Exhausted after a day of fun, perhaps?  Or from a day of toil?

    Ernst Neuschul - Two Tired Women 1925


  15. Earl Van Dyke - The Stingray - The Earl of Funk 1970 Motown

    * audio glitch; sorry.  You want a better version?  Go buy it on iTunes, asshole.  In fact, get the whole album.  Trust me