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  2. Stuck Ship

    Pasha Bulker, a bulk carrier that washed to the shore and ran aground at the city beach of Newcastle, Australia during a deadly storm on the 8th of June 2007.
    The cargo ship is still stuck on Nobbys beach after a week and it apparently becomes a new tourist attraction since then. More detail about the incident, check this out.

  3. from a cool new blog called Scuttlefish:

    The Dark Side of the Lens, the dark side of the water.

  4. Super moto book.

    Posted by Cold is the Sea.

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  9. Nautical Cheesecake


    Noel Neill

    (via mudwerks)

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  12. Maritime Monday 231: Octopi in the Sky

    The Latest and Greatest in Maritime News; every Monday on gCaptain

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