1. this is actually pretty funny

    "Africa" by Toto - Performed by the Crew of the Bourbon Peridot, West Africa 2013

    “I did the first couple of scenes with Subsea 7 guys, and then a couple of other guys on the boat thought it was good so they also wanted in,” Darren Flynn, the ship’s 33yo ROV pilot supervisor who came up with the idea, told the Energy Voice.

    “As the thing progressed, more and more people wanted in, from the captain to the company representative.”

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    Mail Steamship Routes - UK International Mail, 1930s

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     - Tony Ray-Jones

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    Ila Loetscher, The Turtle Lady.

    South Padre Island, TX

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    good morning…

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    The Tropics of Beverly Hills ~ vintage match book cover.  via

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    Gene Kelly for Crest of the Wave (1954)

    Crest of the Wave is the original British title of Seagulls over Sorrento, filmed at MGM’s Elstree facilities in 1953 and released stateside one year later.

    Based on a popular play by Hugh Hastings, the story concentrates on a group of British and American naval personnel, stationed on a Scottish island. The men are engaged on a top-secret project involving a revolutionary—and highly volatile—new torpedo.

    The British officers resent the intrusion of American scientist Bradville (Gene Kelly), while the Yank sailors can’t seem to get along with their English counterparts.

    Tension mounts from the outset when the first test of the weapon fails, killing several men. After a second test likewise proves disastrous, the urgency to succeed the third time round becomes even more crucial.


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