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    British sailors of the HMS Exeter, York-class heavy cruiser (along with a submarine crew member on the far right) having a laugh in 1939. 

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  3. Anonymous said: How's it goes you lonely & slimy cuntbag? Give my best to your Daddy.

    Hi Susan.  How’s that new life working out?

    Lesson to the kids:  what happens when you have a drunken one-night-stand with your former best friend’s ex-husband.

    Three years ago.

  4. Gente Menuda, 1936, cover by López Rubio

    Gente Menuda first appeared in 1904 as a children’s supplement of Blanco y Negro. Its heyday and real popularity occurred from 1932 up until the Spanish Civil War.

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    Neptune’s Daughter  …  Sheet Music from Ziegfeld’s Follies of 1914

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    The Mermaid Song …. Sheet Music, 1948

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  14. Blockade (United Artists, 1938)

    Since the United States was officially neutral in the Spanish Civil War, the struggle of the Loyalists against Franco’s forces didn’t find much favor in Hollywood; this drama, produced by Walter Wanger, was one of the few films to deal with the conflict, albeit in very watered-down terms.

    While producer Wanger was one of the few people in Hollywood who felt strongly enough about the situation in Spain to put it on film, the resulting picture doesn’t say much about the specific political issues involved in the fight against Franco, and the troops Marco and his men encounter wear uniforms designed not to resemble those of any actual countries, for fear of offending nations that sided with Franco.

    Despite this, Blockade was deemed a strong enough leftist tract to be used against screenwriter John Howard Lawson when he was blacklisted in the 1950s. (allmovie)