1. malebeautyinart:

    J.Sidney Willis Hodges: Lord Hood of Avalon as a Midshipman (Watercolour ca. 1860)

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  3. oldbookillustrations:

    Gustave Doré, headpiece vignette to chapter V, from La mythologie du Rhin (The Mythology of the Rhine), by X-B. De Saintine, Paris, 1862.

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  5. tonight’s nautical feature…..

    "Blackgang’s ain’t supposed to stand topside watch…"

  6. Twitter road trips USA: Baltimore to Bar Harbor, day one - live

    Our final reader-led road trip sets off today from Baltimore. Over the next five days, Vicky Baker and photographer Greta Rybus will be bringing you live updates of their progress as they head up the east coast, bound for Bar Harbor in Maine.

    You can tell them where to go and what to see en route by tweeting @vickybaker, @guardiantravel, #TwiTrips, or by leaving a tip on GuardianWitness or in the comments below

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  11. Windjammer (RKO, 1937

    Starring George O’Brien, Constance Worth, William Hall, and Brandon Evans. Directed by Ewing Scott.

    In this high-seas adventure, an assistant state’s attorney must serve a subpoena upon a wealthy yacht owner. To do this the fellow must sign on as a crew member for a race across the Pacific to Hawaii. The yacht is filled with wealthy passengers. Trouble ensues when the craft is rammed by a gun smuggler’s windjammer.

    The snooty passengers are rescued and taken aboard the smuggler’s craft. At first they are ungrateful and boorish, but then the passengers begin realizing that their lives are in the attorney’s capable hands and begin pitching in to help.



  12. Anonymous said: Movie "Pacific Liner" with Victor McLaglan. All time BEST Chief Engineer movie

    hadn’t caught that one!  thanks, it’s on the list

  13. “Gromoboi” was an armoured cruiser of the Russian fleet that took part in the Russo-Japanese War
     and WWI. It was built in St. Petersburg under the improved project of the cruiser “Russia”.
    Its construction began in 1898, the cruiser was put into service in 1900. Yes, that’s a “Bow-Chaser”
    protruding above the bow ornament. Russian Blogger. ID not revealed. http://englishrussia.com/

  14. Superboy #9 (DC, 1950)

    Humpty Dumpty, the Hobby Robber appearance. John Sikela cover and art. Curt Swan art.