1. Anonymous said: Movie "Pacific Liner" with Victor McLaglan. All time BEST Chief Engineer movie

    hadn’t caught that one!  thanks, it’s on the list

  2. “Gromoboi” was an armoured cruiser of the Russian fleet that took part in the Russo-Japanese War
     and WWI. It was built in St. Petersburg under the improved project of the cruiser “Russia”.
    Its construction began in 1898, the cruiser was put into service in 1900. Yes, that’s a “Bow-Chaser”
    protruding above the bow ornament. Russian Blogger. ID not revealed. http://englishrussia.com/

  3. Superboy #9 (DC, 1950)

    Humpty Dumpty, the Hobby Robber appearance. John Sikela cover and art. Curt Swan art.

  5. Tonight’s nautical feature…

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  6. Hit the Deck (RKO, 1930) Swedish release poster

    starring Jack Oakie

    In this musical, based on a long-running Broadway hit from 1927, a sailor finds himself the object of a cafe owner’s affections. Singing, dancing, and comic mayhem ensue. +

  7. So This is Paris (Universal, 1955)

    Tony Curtis makes his musical-comedy debut in the frolicsome Universal production So This is Paris.

    Curtis, Gene Nelson and Paul Gilbert play three American sailors on leave in the City of Light. +

  8. Hit the Deck (MGM, 1955) Belgian release poster

    Starring Jane Powell, Tony Martin, Debbie Reynolds, Walter Pidgeon, Vic Damone, Gene Raymond, Ann Miller, and Russ Tamblyn

    Sailors Tony Martin, Vic Damone and Russ Tamblyn spend their entire shore leave in pursuit of three beautiful gals. Tamblyn plays the son of by-the-book admiral Walter Pidgeon. +

  9. Rainbow Island (Paramount, 1944)

    Starring Dorothy Lamour

    Rainbow Island is a lavish Technicolor confection designed to show off the physical attributes of star Dorothy Lamour. This time Lamour is a white girl raised as native on a tropical isle. Barry Sullivan, Eddie Bracken and Gil Lamb play merchant-marine sailors hiding from Japanese troops on Lamour’s island.

    The storyline may have had dramatic inclinations, but these are forgotten amidst several seductive musical numbers and numerous shots of Dorothy swaying in her patented sarong. Perhaps aware that no one could have taken this film seriously, Ms. Lamour plays her role for laughs, and gets them.  +

  10. Derelict (Paramount, 1930)

    The life of merchant seamen is realistically portrayed in this adventure.

    The story centers around two sailors who find their friendship tested when both have the opportunity to become captain.

    Their relationship is further strained when they fall for the same woman. They get a chance to prove their seamanship when their ship is assaulted by a terrible storm.


  12. Maritime Monday for September 2nd, 2013:

    Movies About #@!!%* Sailors; Part I

    Happy Labor Day to everyone
    that works on the water

  13. Horse Play (Universal, 1933)

    When two country bumpkins discover a fortune in radium on their ranch, the nouveau riche rubes travel to England to see one of their girlfriends, turning the country upside down in the process.

    Star George “Slim” Summerville began his movie career as one of Mack Sennett’s Keystone Kops, soon proving popular enough to star in his own series of short films.

  14. The Trail of the Octopus (1919)

    This early silent serial - billed as “The Serial of a Thousand Thrills” - stras Ruggedly handsome master criminologist Carter Holmes (Ben F. Wilson) sets out to aid pretty Ruth Stanhope (Neva Gerber) in finding a collection of nine daggers that will point the way to an artifact of fabulous power.

    Along the way, they travel from San Francisco to Asia to Paris and back to America in a globe-trotting adventure involving devil worshippers, zombies, mad scientists, ray guns, asteroids, and more hair-raising cliffhangers than you can shake a tentacle at!