1. I don’t think that hideous sculpture is doing it any favors, either.


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    Big Ships are destroying Venice © Francesca Lanaro

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  5. Steamboat Round the Bend (Fox, 1935) movie poster
    the film was released a few weeks after his death in an airplane crash. +

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    " Embroidered Sailor’s Seabag  "  ….  [Circa 1842 - 1862]  Belonged to a Sailor aboard the US Frigate CONGRESS

    Photos by US Naval Historical Center 

    (Source: history.navy.mil)

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    William Heath Robinson, from Bill the Minder, published 1912.  See more images from the book here.  Some of them are very Sendak-esque, like this one of a man’s top hat hosting some baby birds.

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  8. The Rescue
    (United Artists, 1929

    Based on Joseph Conrad‘s 1920 adventure novel set on the South Seas, this film follows the exploits of a British adventurer who helps hide an island prince and his sister after they are chased out of their village by rebellious natives.

    When the angry natives forcibly board the ship, the woman runs to get the adventurer’s help, but they get caught up in mutual lust and by the time they get back to the boat, they learn that the ship was blown up along with everyone on board. The guilty adventurer sends the woman away and spends the rest of his life as a hermit. +

    The novel concluded what is sometimes referred to as “The Lingard Trilogy“, a group of novels based on Conrad’s experience as mate on the steamer Vidar. +

    Read The Rescue on Project Gutenberg

  9. Reap the Wild Wind
    (Paramount, 1942)
    – Italian poster

    Reap the Wild Wind was a serialized story written by Thelma Strabel in 1940 for The Saturday Evening PostThe movie, released shortly after the United States’ entry into World War II, was a swashbuckling adventure set in the 1840s along the Florida coast, was wildly successful and proved itself just the ticket to take the minds of the American movie-going public off the war for two hours.


    Cecil B. DeMille’s Technicolor historical spectacle was to have starred Gary Cooper, but Coop’s commitment to Pride of the Yankees compelled DeMille to cast Marion Mitchell Morrison as the leading man.

    The film is unusual among films starring John Wayne. Foremost, it is one of relatively few films in which he plays a character with a notable dark side. He had second thoughts about signing on since he was unsure how his fans would react to him being bested by a “foppish” Ray Milland. Additionally, it is also one of only a handful of feature films in which Wayne’s character is dead by the closing credits.

    The film was nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Art Direction and Best Cinematography, but took home the Oscar for Best Visual Effects. +

    plot synopsis on AllMovie



    Hiya Monkey Fist,
    Thanks for the list of old groovie moovies.  I have seen a lot but not all of them.  Is there a sea story book list also?  I sailed 34 years 3rd Mate to Skipper, coastwise and foreign.  I don’t know if you saw this one below, but it was great.  Goes well with an old shipmate or two and some cocktails.  Really enjoy your site.  Keep up the great work. 
                                                                     Best Regards,
                                                                     David E. 
    This movie “Lakeboat" has life on board ship nailed.  Charles Durning as Skippee, George Wendt from "Cheers" as the Mate, Peter Falk (who was in the Merchant Marine) and Denis Leary among other recognizables.   
    Read “This ain’t no Pirates of the Caribbean” under comments.  Couldn’t have said it better. 
    David…  a list of sea story books would qualify as a doctoral thesis. At least there’s only been a hundred years of cinema, and just that list has gotten waaaay bigger than I ever expected. 
    Movies About Ships is expected to top out at 6 weekly installments. Movies About Submarines, another 3, Movies About Sailors is expected to run 4.  My summer dance card is booked, baby.
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    Sailor Beware by paul.malon on Flickr.

    (Source: paulmalon, via vintascope)