1. Horse Play (Universal, 1933)

    When two country bumpkins discover a fortune in radium on their ranch, the nouveau riche rubes travel to England to see one of their girlfriends, turning the country upside down in the process.

    Star George “Slim” Summerville began his movie career as one of Mack Sennett’s Keystone Kops, soon proving popular enough to star in his own series of short films.

  2. The Trail of the Octopus (1919)

    This early silent serial - billed as “The Serial of a Thousand Thrills” - stras Ruggedly handsome master criminologist Carter Holmes (Ben F. Wilson) sets out to aid pretty Ruth Stanhope (Neva Gerber) in finding a collection of nine daggers that will point the way to an artifact of fabulous power.

    Along the way, they travel from San Francisco to Asia to Paris and back to America in a globe-trotting adventure involving devil worshippers, zombies, mad scientists, ray guns, asteroids, and more hair-raising cliffhangers than you can shake a tentacle at!

  4. Danish State Railways Poster (DSB, 1937)

    This beautiful poster for the Danish State Railway (DSB) was advertising the Vogelfluglinie, the main rail transport between between Copenhagen, Denmark, and Hamburg, Germany.

    The stunning artwork was done by Danish artist Aage Rasmussen, known for his art deco, cubist and modernist travel posters. +

    The Storstrøm Bridge is a road and railway arch bridge is 3,199 metres long and 9 metres wide. The longest span is 136 metres, and the maximum clearance to the sea is 26 metres.

    It was opened by King Christian X on 26 September 1937.

  6. Travel Poster (Industrial Bank of China, Circa 1920) French

    subscription poster for a “peace loan” that could be subscribed to at the Industrial Bank of China, which had it’s international headquarters in Paris.

    By 1922, the Ambassador of France, M. Philippe Berthelot, would be forced into a ten year retirement by his brother’s actions (he was a director) at the bank, which led to the bank closing in that year.

  8. Cattolica; 1930 Travel Poster

    Cattolica is a town in the Province of Rimini, Italy +

  10. Clark’s Mile-End Spool Cotton

    N. Y. Wemple & Company Advertising card, c 1870

  11. Maritime Monday for August 26th, 2013:

    Part VII; The Final Reel 

    Two Years Before the Mast
    (Paramount, 1946)

    Two Years Before the Mast is a book by the American author Richard Henry Dana, Jr., published in 1840, having been written after a two-year sea voyage starting in 1834.  A film adaptation under the same name was released in 1946.

    Richard Henry DanaWhile an undergraduate at Harvard College, Dana had an attack of the measles which affected his vision. Thinking it might help his sight, Dana left Harvard to enlist as a common sailor on a voyage around Cape Horn on the brig Pilgrim. He returned to Massachusetts two years later aboard the Alert (which left California sooner than the Pilgrim).  rt: Richard Henry Dana, Jr.

    He kept a diary throughout the voyage, and, after returning, he penned what is now considered an American classic. His writing evidences his later sympathy for the lower classes; he later became a prominent anti-slavery activist and helped found the Free Soil Party.

    Dana did not set out to write Two Years Before the Mast as a sea adventure, but to highlight how poorly common sailors were treated on ships. In the book, which takes place between 1834 and 1836, Dana gives a vivid account of “the life of a common sailor at sea as it really is”.  It quickly became a best seller.

    “The scurvy had begun to show itself on board. One man had it so badly as to be disabled and off duty, and the English lad, Ben, was in a dreadful state, and was daily growing worse. His legs swelled and pained him so that he could not walk; his flesh lost its elasticity, so that if pressed in it would not return to its shape; and his gums swelled until he could not open his mouth. His breath, too, became very offensive; he lost all strength and spirit; could eat nothing; grew worse every day; and, in fact, unless something was done for him, would be a dead man in a week, at the rate at which he was sinking…”

  12. Wake of the Red Witch (Republic, 1949) Belgian movie poster

    Based upon the 1946 novel with the same name by Garland Roark; John Wayne stars as a sea captain in the early 1860s East Indies out for revenge against a wealthy shipping magnate.

    plot synopsis on wikipediafull movie on You Tube

  13. Maritime Monday for August 19th, 2013:
    Movie Guide Part VI

    Mme. Stanwyck lays the ultimate jaw dropper on her unwanted husband (Clifton Webb) in this Edwardian soap opera that uses the sinking of the unsinkable ocean liner as a backdrop.

    When the Pride of White Star sideswipes an iceberg and begins its slow descent in the north Atlantic, women and children are put on the lifeboats, men stay behind to face death gallantly, and the toffee nosed Webb gets a day-late and dollar-short reality check.

    New Yorker magazine film critic Pauline Kael wrote:
    “the actual sinking looks more like a nautical tragedy on the pond in Central Park.”

    Historical (myriad) Inaccuracies on wikipedia

  14. The Llangollen Canal - lithograph by John Nash from “Men & the Fields”, Adrian Bell, 1939

    The 1939 book by Adrian Bell is lavishly illustrated by John Nash and includes a series of fine lithographs printed at the renowned Curwen Press in Plaistow, London.

    This view of the canal is a charming scene - rumour has it that Nash was not happy with the outcome of the work at Curwen but personally I think they are very fine illustrations.

    The book itself is a superb evocation of rural England before the huge changes wrought by the Second World War.