1. dtxmcclain:

    "The Baseball Man’s Cigarette," Chesterfield, 1948

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  2. TRAILER - The Bedford Incident (1965)

    Cold War film starring Richard Widmark, Martin Balsam, Sidney Poitier, Donald Sutherland, and Wally Cox. Screenplay by James Poe is based on the 1963 book by Mark Rascovich.


  3. Tonight’s Nautical Feature…

  8. G-Men vs. the Black Dragon (Republic, 1943)

    Rod Cameron stars as an American agent who, along with his Chinese and British contemporaries, tries to stop the Black Dragon— a Japanese band of spies and saboteurs that are out to invade America during WWII.

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  9. The Black Pirate (United Artists, 1926)

    One of the silent era’s most spectacular action blockbusters, this film also boasts an experimental early two-strip Technicolor process, making it one of the few color silent films. Douglas Fairbanks stars as a nobleman and sole survivor of a ship seized and blown up by pirates, killing everyone on board, including Fairbanks’ father.

    Fairbanks vows revenge and subsequently joins the pirate crew, walking a fine line by seeming to aid the pirates while actually protecting potential victims and plotting the pirates’ ultimate downfall.

  10. huldrapress:

    The “Gorilla Iceberg,” The Arctic regions, Albumen print
    Creators: Bradford, William, 1823-1892 ; Dunmore, John L.; Critcherson, George; DeCosta, B. F. (Benjamin Franklin), 1831-1904 


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  11. Oh, HELLZ yeah…

    Enchanted Island (Warner Brothers, 1958)

    Enchanted Island bears only the faintest traces of its source material, the Herman Melville novel, Typee.

    19th century-whalers Abner Dana Andrews and Tom Don Dubbins jump ship and find refuge on a tropical island inhabited by cannibals.

    When Tom disappears, Abner jumps to the logical conclusion and vows not to end up in the pot himself. Returning to his ship, Abner is drawn back to the island by Fayaway (a miscast Jane Powell), the tribal chief’s daughter, with whom he has fallen in love…  more

    Cannibals. I am SO there.

  12. Moby Dick (Warner Brothers) Polish poster for 1961 re-release

    Orsonem Wellesem. 

    I’m going to be saying that in my head all night. 

    Orsonem Wellesem.

    Orsonem Wellesem…

  14. Coming soon to a Maritime Monday Near You!


    Charlton Heston and Gary Cooper in The Wreck Of The Mary Deare (1959) available in HD on Warner Archive Instant

  15. "We’re gonna need a bigger hat"

    Tonight’s Nautical Feature…