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    TV Guide May 18-24, 1957

    R.I.P. Esther Williams

    Jet Age Cowboys
    Esther Williams Mixes Beauty and Murder
    How To tell The ‘Real” Colonels ON a TV Location
    Art Linkletter- The Man Who’s Hardly Ever Embarrassed
    Kathryn Grayson: From Regal Princess to Indian Princess
    A Reader Ansers Ronald Reagan on Actors’ Taxes
    Sal Mineo Discusses Teen-age Problems.

  2. Pole dancing: How it all began


    Esther Williams on Flickr.

    Underwater ballet

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    June 6, 1944: The Allied invasion of Normandy begins.

    In June of 1940, Nazi Germany successfully completed its invasion of France with the signing of an armistice at Compiègne, which divided France into two zones - one which was to be henceforth occupied by German troops, and a “free zone”, to be administered by a French government at Vichy. In late 1942 German-Italian forces carried out a complete military occupation of the free zone. By 1944 much of Europe was either occupied by Axis forces or controlled by direct allies; between the neutral Iberian Peninsula to the Eastern Front, France, Greece, the Baltics, the Netherlands, and  Denmark were among the states occupied by German or Axis forces. Along the western coast of Europe, Germany established a system of fortifications collectively known as the “Atlantic Wall”, whose construction began in 1942 to thwart an Allied invasion launched across the English Channel from Great Britain. 

    The landing of Allied forces at Normandy on June 6, 1944 (commonly known as D-Day) marked the beginning of Operation Overlord and the beginning of the liberation of mainland Europe from its occupation by Nazi Germany. As Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, Dwight D. Eisenhower  was charged with planning and carrying out the beach landing assault, an enormous and momentous task - in the end, approximately 160,000 troops participated in the assault on an 80 km long stretch of Normandy coast, which was divided into five sectors: Gold, Utah, Sword, Juno, and Omaha, the link between the U.S. and British sectors, the most easily defensible beach, and the area where fighting was bloodiest. The troops were supported by a fleet of nearly 7,000 vessels, directed mostly by the Royal Navy; airborne operations were also a key element of the landings, with at least 13,000 paratroopers taking part. To mislead and confound Axis military leaders regarding the true date and location of the impending assault, the Allies implemented Operation Bodyguard

    The enormously successful operation was a decisive victory for the Allied powers and a major blow to Germany’s psyche and morale. Operation Overlord came to an end with the destruction of German forces at the Falaise Pocket in August of 1944 and the liberation of Paris days later.

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    Wonder Comics #2, 1944

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    Esther Williams

    08/08/1921 - 06/06/2013

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    ca. 1860’s, [ambrotype portrait of a gentleman with a monkey]

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  9. Herbert James Draper, Sea melodies, detail,1904.

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    Évariste Vital Luminais - Norman pirates in the 9th century

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    The Great Sea Serpent.  As depicted in the Natural History of Norway, so it must be real! Right? 

    Ok, maybe 1755 was a bit before peer review…

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  15. A picture released by North Korea’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on March 26, 2013 appears to show evidence of digital manipulation, specifically the cloning of at least two hovercraft, to make it appear as if more vehicles were involved in a recent military exercise.

    more on The Atlantic

    Did North Korea photoshop its hovercraft?

    It appears North Korea has doctored pictures of its military to make it look more impressive than it is – and not for the first time

    The Guardian; Wednesday 27 March 2013 — The images of North Korean military hovercraft landing on a desolate beach were supposed to portray a disciplined, combat-ready army ready to launch or repel an attack at a moment’s notice.

    As South Korea and the US continued their controversial joint military exercises in the region, the North’s official news agency this week distributed photographs showing the communist state playing war games of its own.

    The hovercraft image, however, may have been doctored to make the exercise appear more menacing than it really was…

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    Glorious Korean Naval Gods Attack Yankee Imperialist Round Eye Landmarks For the Benefit of The Nation!!


    New York City Being Attacked!!


    Charging Ashore at Venice Beach!


    Engaging the Enemy at Disney World!!