1. Today’s Carl G. Evers Illustration, Nov. 1955

    The Maritime Executive magazine

  2. John Paul Jones (Dell, 1959); Robert Stack photo cover

    comic companion to the film; Robert Stack stars in this sea-faring historical epic as John Paul Jones, the first great hero of the American Navy. While originally a loyal soldier of the King’s army, Jones in time becomes a fervent supporter of the American Revolutionaries, and he volunteers to lead the colonists’ ragtag fleet to impressive victories against the British Navy; during a battle against the British ship Serapis, Jones utters the deathless words “I have not yet begun to fight.”

    While his brave and intelligent leadership helps win America its freedom, his appeals to Benjamin Franklin (Charles Coburn) and the other leaders of Congress to strengthen the United States Navy fall on deaf ears; Jones is eventually branded a troublemaker, and in time, he is ordered to Russia, where he is to help guide the fleet of Catherine The Great (Bette Davis).

    Jones leads the Russian Navy to stunning victories in the Black Sea, reestablishing his reputation as one of the great military minds of his day.  (allmovie)

  3. mudwerks:

    Hotel Select, Genova luggage label (by totallymystified)

  4. Ghost Ship" poster from Ghana

    via Trash Palace

  6. 50watts:

    Illustration by Seiko for The Odyssey1929, from a series of Japanese children’s textbooks.

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  7. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad (Columbia, 1958) Lobby Card

    Starring Kerwin Mathews, Kathryn Grant, Richard Eyer, Torin Thatcher, Alec Mango, Danny Green, Harold Kasket, Alfred Brown, Nana DeHerrera, Nino Falanga, Luis Guedes, and Virgilio Teixeira. Directed by Nathan Juran.

  8. Stanlio and Ollio! in il Vascello Stregato

    Starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

  9. It is a tried and true cinematic gimmick to trap adults in a confined space so they must face their past and confront the present.  Ships crewed by sweaty nomads with checkered pasts have all the right ingredients. Just add water and you get

    Heart Stopping Terror
    on the High Seas!!!

    Maritime Monday for June 17th, 2013: The Horror, The Horror…

    By Monkey Fist On June 16, 2013

  10. Old Ironsides (Paramount, 1926)

    James Cruze directs Wallace Beery and George Bancroft in this epic adventure. Esther Ralston and Charles Farrell co-star.

    Look for Boris Karloff in a small role as a Saracen guard.

    The film includes everything from outsized sea battles to a daring rescue from the clutches of the lustful pirates. A life-sized replica of “Old Ironsides” (aka the “Constitution”) was built for the film; it remained a useful piece of bric-a-brac for many a subsequent Paramount seafaring epic.

    11-reel silent film is set at the time of Stephen Decatur’s defeat of the Barbary pirates in Tripoli. (allmovie)

  11. The World in His Arms (Universal International, 1952) movie poster

    Starring Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, Ann Blyth, John McIntire, Carl Esmond, Andrea King, Eugenie Leontovich, Hans Conried, Rhys Williams, Sig Ruman, Gregory Gaye, Bill Radovich, Bryan Forbes, and Henry Kulky. Directed by Raoul Walsh.

    Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn play two seal-hunting rivals in this adventure film set in the days when Alaska was a Russian territory.

    Peck is adventuring seafarer Jonathan Clark, who falls in love with Russian Countess Marina Selanova (Ann Blyth) while the countess is in San Francisco fleeing an arranged marriage to the vile Prince Semyon (Carl Esmond). The Countess wants to hire a ship to take her to Sitka, AK, where her uncle, General Ivan Vorashilov (Sig Rumann), is governor.

    Portugee (Quinn) can’t raise money for the voyage, so the countess agrees to sail with Clark, and the two quickly fall in love. But Prince Semyon sails into San Francisco just as Clark and the Countess are about to be wed, and the prince abducts her and takes her to Alaska, threatening to kill her uncle if she doesn’t marry him. Clark and Portugee then agree to race to Alaska, with the winner getting the other’s ship and the seal catch.

    Clark’s boat wins the race, but the Russians arrest both the men as seal poachers. Countess Marina agrees to marry Semyon if he will order the seal hunters released.  (allmovie)

  12. Derelict (Paramount, 1930). Lobby Card

    Starring George Bancroft, Jessie Royce Landis, William ‘Stage’ Boyd, Donald Stuart. Directed by Rowland V. Lee.

    The life of merchant seamen is realistically portrayed in this adventure.

    The story centers around two sailors who find their friendship tested when both have the opportunity to become captain.Their relationship is further strained when they fall for the same female.

    They get a chance to prove their seamanship when their ship is assaulted by a terrible storm.  (allmovie)

  13. A Night to Remember (Eclair Journal, 1959). French movie poster

    Starring Kenneth More, Ronald Allen, Robert Ayres, Honor Blackman, Anthony Bushell, John Cairney, Jill Dixon, Jane Downs, James Dyrenforth, Michael Goodliffe, David McCallum, Sean Connery, and Bernard Fox. Directed by Roy Ward Baker.

  14. Lightning Romance (Rayart Pictures, 1924) Lobby Cards

    Starring Reed Howes, Ethel Shannon, Wilfred Lucas, David Kirby, and Cuyler Supplee. Directed by Albert S. Rogell.

    Jack Wade (Reed Howes) is the son of a wealthy father who runs a successful ship-building company. He uses his athletic prowess to defeat the villainous competitors who are out to financially ruin his father. (allmovie)