1. 1810: The Naval Battle of Grand Port

    From left to right: French frigate Bellone, French frigate Minerve, Victor (background) and Ceylon

    artist: Pierre-Julien Gilbert (1783–1860)

    Fought between squadrons of frigates from the French Navy and the Royal Navy from 20-27 August, in the island of Mauritius, SW Indian Ocean, ends. The battle was a disaster for the British; one ship was captured after suffering irreparable damage, the grounded ships were set on fire to prevent their capture by French boarding parties and the third vessel was seized as it left the harbour by the main French squadron from Port Napoleon, Mauritius, under Commodore Jacques Hamelin. The British defeat was the worst the Royal Navy suffered during the entire Napoleonic war, and it left the Indian Ocean and its vital trade convoys exposed to attack from French frigates.

  5. thegildedcentury:

    Life magazine, May 16, 1946

  6. Original Third Reich-era Zeppelin postcard-sized leaflet for the 1936 Leipzig Exhibition

    Symbol of the Leipzig Trade Fair

    The Leipzig Trade Fair (German: Leipziger Messe) was a major fair for trade across Central Europe for nearly a millennium. The history of the Leipzig fairs goes back to the Middle Ages, with the first mention being made in 1165.

    In 1895, the old Jubilate-fair was replaced by the modern “Muster-Messe”, dominated by factory owners presenting samples of their goods.

  9. Maritime Monday for April 1st, 2013:
    Burn, Baby Burn

    The USNS Harland Sanders (built originally as the oiler MV Bork Bork in Goteburg, Sweden in 1957) is one of the strangest stories of the Vietnam War.

    Commissioned into the US Naval Reserve in 1966, then re-named by the navy. The ship’s new moniker was noticed by a Manhattan advertising executive browsing the New York Times.

    He brought the ship to the attention of the Kentucky Fried Chicken Corporation, who agreed to sponsor the refitting of the vessel as a mobile supply, rest and relaxation berth for US army and naval personnel active in operations against the Viet Cong.

    In a joint event staged by the US Navy and KFC, Elvis Presley was hired to christen the vessel before it steamed out of Las Vegas and embarked for Vietnam in January, 1967. Unfortunately, news footage of the King’s dock side acapella serenade to the crew, “Have you heard the news, there’s good chicken tonight” is lost.

    USNS Harland Sanders served in the South China Sea and in the Mekong Delta between 1967 and 1968.  The ship is unique in operating the first floating fried chicken restaurant that included a helicopter deck to airlift breasts and thighs to GI’s on the ground in SE Asia. These chicko-copters are mentioned fondly in a number of Vietnam war memoirs.

    “After a long day of smoking weed in the jungle, those chicko-coptors sure were a sight for sore eyes. Charlie don’t deep-fry.”

    –Corporal Lance Bantam; Bowling Green, Kentucky; 101st Airborn


    Only their hairdressers know for sure.

    On 25th July 1968 the ship was at anchor off the village of Hung Ree when a fire erupted in the galley.

    The subsequent explosion rained hot grease, chicken bones, and cheap plastic toys down onto a nearby hamlet; injuring 11 villagers. The crew and all GI’s on board were safely evacuated.

    After the dreadful disaster, plans for construction of a sister ship, USS Ettore Boiardi, were scrapped.

  10. UC-97, a German submarine from World War I that was brought to Chicago as part of a war bond drive in 1919

    Chicago Maritime Museum - This special mine-laying submarine was a trophy of war sent to the Great Lakes after the surrender of the Imperial German navy.  After fulfilling her public relations mission, the Illinois Naval Reserve used her for target practice.  Guns from the USS Wilmette and the USS Hawk pumped 18 rounds in the UC-97.  She sank somewhere off the North Shore, and in recent years has been the subject of numerous effort to locate by underwater explorers.


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    PoB?  Port of Baldeemoore? (Balmer accent)

    I am not affiliated in any way with the Port.

  12. Interior of the Winter Palace. The Nursery of the Children of Emperor Nicholas I or the Ship Room
    Museum:     Hermitage Museum
    Artist:     Charlemagne Joseph (Jossif) Ivanovich

  13. The Fall of Nelson Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805
    Museum:     National Maritime Museum
    Artist:     Denis Dighton;  (1792 – 8 August 1827) English painter, best known for his military portraits and battle scenes.

  14. Captain Nemo and the Underwater City (MGM, 1969)

    Starring Robert Ryan, Chuck Connors, Nanette Newman, Luciana Paluzzi, John Turner, Bill Fraser, Kenneth Connor, Allan Cuthbertson, and Christopher Hartstone. Directed by James Hill.