3. WILLIAM MEDCALF (American, 20th Century)
    Aloha!, Brown & Bigelow calendar illustration
    Oil on board
    40 x 30 in.

  4. 1911 look at Washington State Ferry Terminal, Colman Dock

    Seattle Now & Then: Colman Dock and the HB Kennedy (more)

  6. Monkey Fist original t shirts now available on workboatwear

    (design floats on chosen shirt color)

  7. Seasick?  Watch the horizon.

    Monkey Fist original t shirts now available on workboatwear

  8. Monkey Fist t-shirts now available on workboatwear

  9. fuckyeahdinoart:

    Sauropods by Riou.

    (via scientificillustration)

  11. pulpcovers:

    Sensational Adventures In A Nightmare World http://ift.tt/PEGveW

    (via dirtyriver)

  13. "A bit of Old England" - furniture from timbers of Britain’s old battleships - issued by Hughes Bolckow & Co Ltd, Blyth c1930

    A small brochure issued by the shipbreaking concern of Hughes Bolckow, based on the North East English coast at Blyth in Northumberland.

    It advertises furniture made from timbers, such as teak, salvaged from battleships such as HMS Collingwood and HMS Southampton - this would infer a date of late-1920s

    original (7000 x 3582)

  14. Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson, Wallsend Shipyard, c1955 - Bergensfjord

    From a Transport Age article on Tyneside a fine colour shot of the passenger steamship Bergensfjord, built for the Den Norske Amerikalinje A/S by Swan, Hunter and Wigham Richardson and launched, by H R H Princess Astrid of Norway in July 1955.

    The ship was 577-feet long and was notable, the caption informs, for its all-welded aluminium-alloy superstructure.

    Many fine and famous ships came out of the Swan Hunter Wallsend yard.

    Anyhow, it is a cracking view of a traditional shipyard on one of the world’s busiest shipbuilding rivers, the River Tyne.

    The company, usually known just as Swan Hunter, was responsible for the construction of some of the world’s most famous ships including the Mauritania and Carpathia. Building finally ceased here in 2006.