3. Illustration of three different Pacific “canoe” styles observed by Bougainville: at Tahiti, Choiseul (one of the Solomon Islands), and Navigators Islands (Samoa). From Bougainville’s A Voyage Round the World … (Dublin, 1772).

    Louis-Antoine de Bougainville, 1729–1811; First French circumnavigation of the world

  6. Deptford dockyard by Joseph Farington late 18th century
    © National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London

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    Just another day at the office. #MerchantNavy #Maersk #Offshore #NorthSea #Ships #Storm by asfrance http://instagr.am/p/VGjui0yZNE/

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  8. jakealoo:

    An early 20th century holiday snap with a note on back:

    “Photo taken on a Loch Lomand steamer. On camp stool my dear wife, with Grace and Wilfred on either side.”

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    The heroes: or, Greek fairy tales for my children, 1855 
    Illustrations by M. H. Squire & E. Mars

    The Argonauts and the sea nymphs.

    I could only find this one book by these artrists, if anyone finds more please  share!

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  10. greatestgeneration:

    Great perspective on Super Bowl Sunday:

    By the end of the Super Bowl on Sunday night, one or more professional football players will be hailed for their valor, for their guts, for their devotion to their teammates. They will be called heroes. And more than 100 million people will be watching. But because, predictably, those laudatory words will be thrown around so casually on Sunday, perhaps we can take a few minutes here to address an act of genuine valor that happened exactly 70 years ago today. It wasn’t televised. There were no sponsors. On February 3, 1943, an Army transport ship called the Dorchester, carrying American soldiers through the icy North Atlantic on their way to serve in World War II, was about 100 miles off the coast of Greenland in rough sea. More than 900 people were on board….
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    Temple of the bonzes in the Quang Yen (?) Rock.

    Thomas Allom, from China vol. 1, by George N. Wright, London, 1843.

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  12. 1910-again:

    From Actinologia Britanica: A History of the British Sea-Anemones and Corals, 1860

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  14. Adventure Comics # 429, October, 1973

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