1. Padstow Quay, Cornwall, England

    Views of the British Isles; Photochrom print collection;  Library of Congress

  3. RMS Laconia postcard

    Illustrated by Odin Rosenvinge

    The RMS Laconia was launched in 1921 and sunk by U-Boat in 1942 in what became known as The Laconia Incident.

  4. RMS Ivernia postcard

    The RMS Ivernia was launched in 1954. Her name was changed to the RMS Franconia in 1963. In 1973 she was sold to the Soviet Union and renamed the SS Fedor Shalyapin. Scrapped in India in 2004.

    Original (2195 x 1390)

  5. Building boats in Cowes

    Courtesy of Messrs J S White.

    The White family started building boats in Broadstairs in the 1700s and subsequently moved to Cowes in 1802 where the firm built over 2000 vessels before the yards closed in 1963. the firm finally became defunct in 1981.

    Amongst many alumni of J.S.Whites was one Barnes Wallis who finished his apprenticeship there before becoming a marine draughtsman.

    An advertisement from my collection dated March 1949.

  6. Fire Over England; 1937

    In 1588, relations between Spain and England are at the breaking point. British sea raiders regularly capture Spanish merchantmen bringing gold from the New World with the support of Queen Elizabeth I. After a plot to depose her is discovered, she enlists Michael Ingolby, whose father was killed by the Inquisition, to go undercover and infiltrate the court of Philip of Spain.

    Masquerading as one of the traitors, Ingolby finds the names of British subjects in Spanish pay. He identifies the would-be assassins and discovers their plans to send the Armada against England. His feats earn Ingolby the love of a Spanish noblewoman, an English courtesan, and Queen Elizabeth herself as he takes the British fleet into battle.


  7. Bernstein’s Fish Grotto

    The most unique restaurant-front in America. The entrance to Bernstein’s Fish Grotto faithfully follows in size and detail - ‘The Nina,’ Flagship of Columbus.”

  8. The Glass Bottom Boat (MGM, 1966)

    Starring Doris Day, Rod Taylor, Arthur Godfrey, John McGiver, Paul Lynde, Eric Fleming, Dom DeLuise, Elisabeth Fraser, Dick Martin, Dee J. Thompson, and Robert Vaughn. Directed by Frank Tashlin.


    The Submarine Gardens contain more than thirty varieties of Kelp and as many kinds of fish. This strange and wonderful under sea life may be viewed to the depths of 75 feet, owning to the remarkably clear waters about Avalon, as the large passenger boats with plate glass bottoms glide slowly over the Gardens.

  10. "Old Ironsides" in Winter Quarters at San Diego

    San Diego has been exceptionally honored
    by the Department of the United States Navy
    because of the selection of this city as the
    temporary ‘home port’ of the famous frigate

    This living tradition of our country will
    be berthed at the Navy Pier, foot of Broad-
    way, until March 15th and may be visited any
    day between the house of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00
    p.m. including Sundays. No charge for admission.

    The history of the Constitution is replete
    with heroic exploits. Conceived by George
    Washington, the keel was laid in 1794 and ship
    launched in 1797. Participated in 42 battles,
    winning every one of them.

    Reconstructed in part by money freely
    given by American school children the Con-
    stitution is a national shrine. She has been
    visited by 4,512,299 persons. 1,542,423 in California alone.

    This will probably be the last opportunity
    to visit ‘Old Ironsides’ at a Pacific coast
    port, according to her Commander, Louis J.
    Gulliver. See this gallant ship restored exactly as she was in her fighting glory.”

    Old Ironsides" was in San Diego in the winter of 1933.

  11. Dock Office from Canning Dock, Liverpool

    "The Old Order and the New"
    Magic of the Mersey Series

    -This Side For Writing

  12. posted by This Side For Writing

    Ralph Corbett, Mayor inspecting Plan for new Haven & Pier, 1561

    "Pageant Official Postcards - 12 varieties - One Penny each."

    The Liverpool Pageant was in 1907 and served as a celebration of “700 years of municipal history”

    Period coverage of the event can be found here.

  13. Maritime Monday for March 24th, 2013: RMS Philately III

    US 1934 Maryland Tercentenary
    “The Ark & The Dove”

    The Ark – a 17th century English ship which carried emigrants bound for the new Maryland colony during the pioneering expedition of 1634. The settlers began a permanent settlement named St. Mary’s.

    The Ark eventually returned to England, leaving the Dove behind to provide transportation for goods to be traded up and down the Atlantic seacoast. The following year, the Dove headed back to England but never arrived and was presumed lost at sea.

  14. nautical references in modern cinema: discuss

    whomever guesses correctly gets my undying love.

  15. Forbidden Island (Columbia, 1958)

    A skin diver tries to recover sunken treasure before a group of thieves learn of its existence. imdb