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    Arnold Böcklin, Venus Anadyomene, 1872

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  3. Ships in Cinema:  Name that Movie…  blah, blah, blah… undying love, you know the drill.

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    Lynn Bari

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    Hey hey hey hey - Soul Train vs The Fall

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    Donald Barr Chidsey: Singapore Passage, 1956; cover art by Mitchell Hooks.

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    American Manhood, Dec. 1952, cover by Peter Poulton

  12. Hand Illustrated and Later Printed Envelopes: 1870(c.), the front of a large envelope sent to Ramsgate, hand painted with very finely executed with a lady chastising a top-hatted gentleman ‘Where’s my daughter’ and showing the same gentleman in a small sailing boat, sent to Ramsgate with the adhesive (1858–76 2d. plate 13) cut to form the sail of of a ship

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  13. Ships in Cinema, round 2; Name that movie

    soliano said: Chariots of Fire  

    Correct!  The Gilbert and Sullivan Society perform “For he is an Englishman” from HMS Pinafore

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  14. HMS Duncan

    HMS Duncan was the lead ship of the Royal Navy pre-dreadnought battleships. Commissioned in 1903, she served with the Mediterranean Fleet until 1905, at which she was transferred to the Channel Fleet.

    Damaged in a collision with HMS Albion in late 1905, she was damaged again when she ran aground off Lundy Island. After a further stint with the Mediterranean Fleet, in 1913 she was assigned to the 6th Battle Squadron and based at Portsmouth, where she served as a gunnery training ship.

    Decommissioned March 1919.