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    Everett Henry (1893-1961), The Voyage of the Pequod 


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    Digging through my Anatomy of the Ship books today, and after spending the last two weeks reading nothing but the Aubrey-Maturin series, I’ve put together a brief list of archaic, filthy-sounding, and completely esoteric naval terms from the period. You’ll probably never…

  7. Portland, Maine

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    How to Lash Your Hammock 

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     Early Morning After a Storm at Sea, Winslow Homer

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    Joseph Mallord William Turner, Vignette Study of a Ship in a Storm, c. 1826-36. Watercolour on paper, 18 x 22.7 cm. Tate Britain, London.

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    Girls in bathing suits in Bucharest, 1930

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