2. anyone remember what the name of this font is?

  3. Basinful of Fun was a British men’s mixed-interest magazine booklet which ran from WW2 until the 1950s.

  5. factstofigures:

    Artist: Peter Stebbing

    Russell, F. S. and Yonge, M. (1975). The Seas: An introduction to the study of life in the sea. New York: Frederick Warne & Co Inc.

    (via scientificillustration)

  6. Brooke Bond Tea advertisement - Illustration of Plymouth Hoe by A. Brenet.

    From Illustrated magazine, week ending 13th August, 1955

  7. Feature Films magazine #1; Captain China

    Captain China (1950) on IMDb:

    Stormy waves in the South China Sea wash a drunken captain, Charles Chinnough, off his ship just before it crashes on a reef. He’s then rescued by a passing vessel. Two months later the former captain, now in disgrace, sails as a passenger on a ship commanded by Brendensen, the man who had been the first-mate on his last voyage. Tension quickly develops between these two, especially since both are now attracted to the same female passenger, Kim Mitchell. A typhoon forces Chinnough and Brendensen to work together to save the ship while, at the same time, new information comes to light about their previous voyage together.

  8. sailorgil:

    Dancing Sailors — 1879   …  Automaton by Artist:  Gustave Vichy

  9. greatestgeneration:

    Soldier with a secret. Tells sweetheart. Sweetheart tells soldier’s soon-to-be mother-in-law. Mother-in-law tells gossiping neighbor. Neighbor tells husband. Husband tells boss while on break at the factory. Boss tells colleague. Colleague tells American Bund caricature dressed like a traveling salesman. Salesman delivers secret to creepy guy with radio. Creepy radio guy calls up Germany. Sweating goose-stepper runs. Goose-stepper hands message to menacing Hitler. Nazis notify a submarine hunting for American ships somewhere in the Atlantic shipping lanes. Submarine captain gets the word.

    That’s how it was done. Or so said the American propaganda machine in a 13-frame cartoon storyboard. 

  10. Maritime Monday for November 19th, 2012:
    Around the Horn

    An essay by Robin Beth Schaer;
    submitted to
    Adventures of the Blackgang by the author.

    I had lost my job and my marriage when I saw Bounty for the first time. I wanted to stowaway, cast off, and leave the ruins of my life behind—and Bounty let me. Yet I left far more than grief on land; what mattered at home—education, achievements, appearance—was irrelevant at sea. It was unsettling to abandon all that I thought defined me. I sat in the galley with the other deckhands and wondered what they understood from my face…

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  11. scanzen:

    “A csend világa”. Világ Ifjúsága, 1956/9.

    Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s ‘Le Monde Du Silence’. On the cover of the Hungarian monthly youth magazine called ‘The Youth Of The World’, Sept 1956.

    (via larboardwatch)

  13. Early Fairey Flycatcher being hoisted onto a warship late 1920s-early 1930s

    -Heyday of the RAF at Lee-on-Solent

  14. Sea Hunt #12 (Dell, 1962)

    Sunday Internet Comics Auction #121247


  15. Youghal, County Cork: submitted by Bayvillageidiot