1. ca 1950 Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

    Hard Cover with Dust Jacket by Rein van Looij

    full size (1431 x 2146)

  2. sailorgil:

            Little Sailor   …  Song Sheet [1936]

    (Source: virgil-kayne)

  5. anorpheusrising:

    Charlotte Sternberg - Textron advertisement, 1947

    (via mudwerks)

  9. from United Artists Exhibitor Book, 1928-29; Silent movie posters from around the world

  11. 24 Pharmaceutical Ads from 1930s France

    ad for Quinuryl antioxidant: Block the Formation of Urea

  15. The Jeannie C Riley Short Story

    Television came back on in Arbroath in April 1967. Unlike America it was never high on the priorities of the Emergency Government for the United Kingdom as it was across the Atlantic. That’s what you get when our post nuclear war administration gets set up in Harrogate and theirs in Las Vegas.

    Three million UK dead of blast, radiation and the resultant chaos may have been containable but it was three million personal tragedies, three million running open sore psychic wounds. I assume the nine million containable American running sore open wounds are pretty similar. All waiting to be healed, until Jeannie came along and did it for them every time they heard her sing…

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