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    Portuguese Man-O’-War, Watercolor illustrations after John White, 1585-1593

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  3. Over the past two weeks the Black Fleet of Russia obtained 51 ships of the Ukrainian forces, all of them hoisted the St. Andrew’s flag of the Russian navy. It means that out of 61 ships of the Ukrainian naval forces, only ten still belong to Ukraine. Some of these ships are still battleworthy, others are in a very poor condition.

    Which Ukrainian Ships Have Hoisted the Russian Flag?

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    Illustration by George Leonnec

    For La Vie Parisienne


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  6. British Transport Commission - “Transport Age No.6”, July 1958 - Dover Docks by Lawrence Bagley

    Commissioned to show the modernisation of both docks and harbour facilities and British Railway’s shipping and ferry services.

    Laurence Bagley (1922 - 1983) was born in Southampton and specialised in marine and aviation subjects.

    The vessels are The Lord Warden at the dock, then one of the new class of BR ferries, with the older Dinard' sailing out from the harbour towards France.

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    " SPARS "  …  US Coast Guard Woman’s Reserve  [Circa 1950’s]

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    "Sweet and Sour Mickey," Inez Geraldine Wray, 26, exhibiting her tattoos while being held on charges of robbing a sailor.

    ca. 1947

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  11. World War I Enlistment Poster (1917)

    "ALL TOGETHER — Enlist in the Navy."
    Swedish-American painter Henry Reuterdahl (1870-1925) was highly regarded for his nautical artwork, which was inspired by the long relationship he had with the United States Navy.

    Not only did he serve as a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve Force, but Reuterdahl was selected by President Roosevelt to document the journey on the “Great White Fleet” voyage in 1907.

    A testament to Reuterdahl’s skill, this breathtaking Navy recruitment poster for WWI is a rousing depiction of six young seamen in uniform, each from a different Allied Power, standing above their flag: Japan, France, United States of America, Britain, Russia and Italy.

  13. Titanic (Tobis Filmkunst, 1943) French language poster

    This 1943 motion picture version of the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic was a German propaganda film made during World War II, commissioned by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

     The premiere of the movie was postponed, as the theatre was bombed by the Royal Air Force the night before the event.  Goebbels later banned the film.

  15.  lithograph: Sebastopol from the sea - sketched from the deck of HMS Sidon

    "Print shows sailors and cannons on deck of the H.M.S. Sidon, with a distant view of the forts and other buildings in Sevastopol."

    Bibliodyssey: The Crimean War