1. cyclicality:

    "Sweet and Sour Mickey," Inez Geraldine Wray, 26, exhibiting her tattoos while being held on charges of robbing a sailor.

    ca. 1947

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  3. World War I Enlistment Poster (1917)

    "ALL TOGETHER — Enlist in the Navy."
    Swedish-American painter Henry Reuterdahl (1870-1925) was highly regarded for his nautical artwork, which was inspired by the long relationship he had with the United States Navy.

    Not only did he serve as a Lieutenant Commander in the Naval Reserve Force, but Reuterdahl was selected by President Roosevelt to document the journey on the “Great White Fleet” voyage in 1907.

    A testament to Reuterdahl’s skill, this breathtaking Navy recruitment poster for WWI is a rousing depiction of six young seamen in uniform, each from a different Allied Power, standing above their flag: Japan, France, United States of America, Britain, Russia and Italy.

  5. Titanic (Tobis Filmkunst, 1943) French language poster

    This 1943 motion picture version of the 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic was a German propaganda film made during World War II, commissioned by Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels.

     The premiere of the movie was postponed, as the theatre was bombed by the Royal Air Force the night before the event.  Goebbels later banned the film.

  7.  lithograph: Sebastopol from the sea - sketched from the deck of HMS Sidon

    "Print shows sailors and cannons on deck of the H.M.S. Sidon, with a distant view of the forts and other buildings in Sevastopol."

    Bibliodyssey: The Crimean War

  9. design-is-fine:

    Frederic Edwin Church, Iceberg studies, 1859. Drawings. Via Cooper Hewitt

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  10. 4cp:

    "Punch" magazine advertisement illustration, early 1950s. 

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  13. Question regarding an old article

    Kyle, sorry…  I just saw this.  I shot only stills on that exercise and know nothing about any video footage.  Check with the USCG re: any video they may have in their archive, or contact the local tv news divisions to see if they covered the event and might have the raw footage.

    The boat ride was very rough and it was all I could do to hang on for dear life that day. I didn’t really get a chance to chat up the video shooters also present, so I don’t know who all was there. 

    I did have a brief conversation with your father and remember him well.

    this is all I have:



    I submitted this question in the ASK me anything link, and Im sorry for the repetition. I have a question regarding an article of yours from March 25th, 2010 on gCaptain.com. The “SONS 2010 – Spill of National Significance Exercise in Portland, Maine; Day One” article.  I am wondering if there is any chance that you have the interview footage with Commander Thomas Jones (seen in a picture on the article) or know of anywhere I might be able to find the it. I saw it a few months ago and I can’t find it anywhere. He’s my father and he recently passed. Thank you, Kyle Jones

  15. Charles F. Burns · SUNY Maritime College

    Nice compilation of some mainly forgotten illustrations. A big part of reading those books was restraining from looking at the usually singular illustration in the book and before your parents said “lights out”, “granting yourself” one last look at the flyleaf (especially in TREASURE ISLAND) - that was your ticket to possible dreams about being a character in that book.

    -Charles Burns

    p.s. You do good work resurrecting what you present every week. Your title for the article, however, is unnecessarily crude. Potty-mouth is not cool - never was. For males (I am guilty) but really unattractive for females. Practical reason? I’d like to copy that to a grandson who is just learning to read, he doesn’t need to know “FU@# Yeah” yet.

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    Again, don’t taint your work, which is obviously sensitive to things long forgotten except for these illustrations. In reality, they should be subjects of lectures in humanities courses at maritime schools. You should contact them - these are legacies long since lost and cadets may find them a pleasant break. God knows the maritime schools need people who know something about ships and the sea integrated into their Humanities courses. I’d recommend you.


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