1. Midshipmen Training Aboard HMS Theseus (1892)

    We see here some of the midshipmen and naval cadets of the cruiser Theseus, one of the ships of the Particular Service Squadron. They are undergoing tuition under the supervision of the chaplain of the ship, their naval instructor.

    After passing successfully out of the (training ship) Britannia at the end of his two years’ course, the naval cadet goes to sea in some battleship or cruiser in which a naval instructor is borne, and serves afloat for four years, after which, being nineteen years of age, and having served in all six years and passed an intermediate examination for midshipman, he is examined finally for his lieutenant’s commission.

    It is a question whether the middy of the present day does not get too much school to the detriment of his professional training.

    Photograph and the above caption from the “Navy and Army Illustrated Published 29 May 1896”


    HMS Theseus (1892)

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