1. Shore Leave; The Beginning - is it wrong of me to tag this with “venereal disease”?

    Theodore de Bry
    (Netherlandish, 1528-1598)
    Columbus Landing in the New World on 12 October 1492

    They run about naked, are tall, with handsome bodies and pleasant countenances. Their skin colour resembles that of Canary Islands dwellers - they are neither white nor black. They would surely make good servants. I noticed that some wear a little piece of gold in a hole they make in their noses. This gold can probably be found in the interior of the country.

     —Christopher Columbus, from a log entry, 1492


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    ..before the genocide of the Arawaks
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    This is a colorized version of a black and white original. Theodore de Bry, who never actually left Europe, created many...
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