1. Brooke Bond Tea advertisement - Illustration of Plymouth Hoe by A. Brenet.

    From Illustrated magazine, week ending 13th August, 1955

  4. Maritime Monday for October 22nd, 2010:
    Take Yer Arse to School (Ships).uk

    Referred to as “the finest and most dramatically sited architectural and landscape ensemble in the British Isles”, the Old Royal Naval College is the architectural centrepiece of Maritime Greenwich, and is designated by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) as being of “outstanding universal value”...

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  5. Seven Seas vitamins advert - designed by Tom Eckersley

    Scanned from an advertising annual this fine work by the well-known poster artist and designer Eckersley makes a bold point about the nautical origins of the company’s cod liver oil based vitamin products - ‘Jolly Jack Tar’ doesn’t come any healthier than this!

    Seven Seas were founded in Hull in 1935 and are still in business manufacturing the same products. Sadly, as noted below, the day I posted this Merck, who own Seven Seas, announced the proposed closure of the Hull works after nearly 80 years - bad news.

  7. vintage postcard; Weymouth, Dated 1904

    -(1560 x 1032)

  8. Cigarette Card - Diver during the Great War

    John Sinclair’s cigarettes “British Sea Dogs" (series of 50 issued in 1928)
    #22 A diver during the Great War

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    Cigarette Card - Admiral, 1805 / - Cigarette Card - Midshipman, 1830

  9. Cigarette Card - Staff Paymaster (incorrect)

    Wills’s Cigarettes "Naval Dress & Badges" (series of 50 issued in 1909)
    #28 Staff Paymaster (incorrect card showing braid on cap)

  12. Cigarette Card - Fishing on Blagdon Lake, Bristol

    Mitchell’s Cigarettes “Angling” (series of 25 issued in 1928)
    #2 Blagdon Lake, Bristol.

  13. Cigarette Card - Northumberland

    Player’s Cigarettes, Counties & Their Industries, 1915.
    Northumberland - Ship Building

  14. Cigarette Card - Liverpool

    Pattreiouex Senior Service Cigarettes, “Coastwise” (set of 48 issued in 1939)
    No13 Merseyside (Liverpool Harbour)