1. A 1941 novel by Charles Nordhoff and James Norman Hall


    Dust jacket art by N. C. Wyeth

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  4. captain-finland:

    vintage nautical fabric (swatch) 1950s

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    Ren Wicks (by oldcarguy41)

    This was in an ad for Catalina Swimwear.

  6. rhamphotheca:

    Giant Oarfish (Regalecus glesne)

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  7. thegildedcentury:

    Amazing Stories, November, 1947

  8. vintagegal:

    Illustration by Enoch Bolles c. 1942

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  9. sailorgil:

    Lovely in Lavender


    Gianna Ruggiero - a recently graduated animator

  10. theticketthatexploded:

    “Undersea Guardians,” Unknown artist. Amazing Stories, December 1944.

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  11. SMS Lothringen; German Imperial Navy postcard collection: The Ship Model Forum

  12. geisterseher:

    Arthur RACKHAM, illustrator. Mary Cholmondeley; Author of “Diana Tempest.” London: George Newnes, Limited, 1904.

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    George Petty

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