1. thegildedcentury:

    LIFE magazine, August 21, 1944

    Into the jungles of Arawe plunge men of the assault waves who have just landed from the tracked Alligators.  They move cautiously and fearfully forward across the narrow beach, probing the tangled foliage for snipers and machine guns hidden behind coconut-log bunkers. 

  2. sanctabovina:

    The war against VD during World War II.

    EDIT: ((Wow, is this getting a lot of responses. Just to add my two cents, this doesn’t seem particularly sexist to me. Yes, it focuses on women as carriers of disease, but men were at their most valuable during the war, and they needed to be at top physical health… women’s health, from a national security standpoint. And this doesn’t seem to be saying anything really wrong about all women just that, “Prostitutes often have VD. If you have sex with prostitutes and other women you don’t know, you may just get VD. Please don’t get VD guys. Really.” Of course, I could be saying something really unelightened, in which cause… whoops.

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  3. Blast from the past: SNCF’s Compiègne

    The day of the launch: 7 March 1958

  4. Deckplans on hhvferry.com

    full size

  5. darknightatsea:

    cavetocanvas: Arthur Rackham, Undine Lost In The Danube

  6. scientificillustration:

    n150_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.

    Report on the Florida reefs
    Cambridge, Mass. : Printed for the Museum, 1880.

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  7. 1. Chætodon vinctus
    2. Chætodon strigangulus
    3. Chætodon vittatus

    The zoology of Captain Beechey’s voyage to the Pacific and Behring’s Straits; performed in His Majesty’s ship Blossom

    (Illustrated with upwards of fifty finely coloured plates by G. B. Sowerby. Pub. under the authority of the lords commissioners of the Admiralty…1825-1828)

  8. msbehavoyeur:

    Charming mermaids ~ vintage Italian mermaid postcards.  via

  9. British Tars, towing the Danish fleet into harbour

    "The Broad-bottom Leviathan trying to swamp Billy’s old-Boat, & the little Corsican tottering on the Clouds of Ambition" – three sailors rowing a small ship’s boat or dinghy, (the Billy Pitt) are going through rough water caused by Leviathan, a porpoise-like monster with three heads and a forked tail. The heads spout water at the boat, particularly at Canning. They are (r. to left.) Grenville, who spouts "Opposition Clamour"; Howick (whom Canning had replaced as Foreign Secretary), spouting "Detraction"; and St. Vincent, spouting "Envy".

    hand-coloured etching, Print made by James Gillray / Published in London, 1807  more detailed explanation

    Maritime Monday for January 30, 2012; This is Leviathan

  10. mudwerks:

    (via Das Puppendorf - 50 Watts)

    Illustrations by Hans Hoffmann for Das Puppendorf (Germany, 1906)

    The whole book can be viewed at the Braunschweig Digital Library.

  11. mudwerks:

    (via Au carrefour étrange: Chansons de salles de garde)

    Les illustrations savoureuses sont de Marcel Prangey

  12. mudwerks:

    (via Saved From The Paper Drive: Vic Prezio’s Men’s Magazine Covers)

     Original art for MAN’S ESCAPE, June 1963

  14. The Sea Raiders - H.G. Wells, 1896

    -Gothic horror illustrations by Tatsuya Morino