1. Deckplans on hhvferry.com

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  2. darknightatsea:

    cavetocanvas: Arthur Rackham, Undine Lost In The Danube

  3. scientificillustration:

    n150_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.

    Report on the Florida reefs
    Cambridge, Mass. : Printed for the Museum, 1880.

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  4. 1. Chætodon vinctus
    2. Chætodon strigangulus
    3. Chætodon vittatus

    The zoology of Captain Beechey’s voyage to the Pacific and Behring’s Straits; performed in His Majesty’s ship Blossom

    (Illustrated with upwards of fifty finely coloured plates by G. B. Sowerby. Pub. under the authority of the lords commissioners of the Admiralty…1825-1828)

  5. msbehavoyeur:

    Charming mermaids ~ vintage Italian mermaid postcards.  via

  6. British Tars, towing the Danish fleet into harbour

    "The Broad-bottom Leviathan trying to swamp Billy’s old-Boat, & the little Corsican tottering on the Clouds of Ambition" – three sailors rowing a small ship’s boat or dinghy, (the Billy Pitt) are going through rough water caused by Leviathan, a porpoise-like monster with three heads and a forked tail. The heads spout water at the boat, particularly at Canning. They are (r. to left.) Grenville, who spouts "Opposition Clamour"; Howick (whom Canning had replaced as Foreign Secretary), spouting "Detraction"; and St. Vincent, spouting "Envy".

    hand-coloured etching, Print made by James Gillray / Published in London, 1807  more detailed explanation

    Maritime Monday for January 30, 2012; This is Leviathan

  7. mudwerks:

    (via Das Puppendorf - 50 Watts)

    Illustrations by Hans Hoffmann for Das Puppendorf (Germany, 1906)

    The whole book can be viewed at the Braunschweig Digital Library.

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    Les illustrations savoureuses sont de Marcel Prangey

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    (via Saved From The Paper Drive: Vic Prezio’s Men’s Magazine Covers)

     Original art for MAN’S ESCAPE, June 1963

  11. The Sea Raiders - H.G. Wells, 1896

    -Gothic horror illustrations by Tatsuya Morino

  13. thegildedcentury:

    Thrilling Wonder Stories, February, 1942

  14. msbehavoyeur:

    Cocktail Mermaid ~ H. W. McCauley, Imaginative Tales 4 - Mar. 1955  via

  15. dendroica:

    n318_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr.

    Adult female red lobster, adult male lobster

    The American lobster
    Washington :Govt. Print. Off.,1895.

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