2. mudwerks:

    (via Golden Age Comic Book Stories)

    Gil Elvgren 1914 ~ 1980

  3. mudwerks:

    Let them grow (LOC) (by The Library of Congress)

    Stanley Thomas Clough, Let them grow

    Ohio : Federal Arts Project, W.P.A., 1938.

    1 print on board (poster) : silkscreen, color.

  4. Earl Moran

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  5. theticketthatexploded:

    Crow’s Nest by Earl Moran

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  6. scientificillustration:

    The digestive system (?) of a giant oarfish (Regalecus glesne)

    Internationale Monatsschrift für Anatomie und Physiologie. bd 18 (1901)

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    Aye Aye by Earl Moran

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  8. mudwerks:

    (via Fantasy Ink: Happy New Year!)

    Saturday Evening Post cover, January 1, 1910. Art by J.C. Leyendecker.

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    Das grosse Weltpanorama / Bild 34 (by micky the pixel)

    Das grosse Weltpanorama der Reisen, Abenteuer, Wunder, Entdeckungen und Kulturtaten in Wort und Bild
    Ein Jahrbuch für alle Gebildeten

    (Berlin & Stuttgart / Deutschland; 1909)

  12. The Age Old Dilemma; to return unwanted Christmas gifts or not?


    Thrilling Wonder Stories, December, 1940

    They get you with the undercoating, though.

  13. theticketthatexploded:

    Frank Reade Weekly Magazine — January 2, 1903

    (via The Pictorial Arts: Electric Air Boat)

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