2. paleoillustration:


    “Samuel Pierpont Langley (1834-1906) was an astrophysicist. He became third secretary of the Smithsonian Institution in 1887. He was also an inventor of early flying machines.

    In 1900, during the height of Langely’s investigations into flying machines, Langley commissioned an oil painting of the flying reptile Pteranodon by a colleague named Robert Child. This painting was given an official USNM catalogue number, normally used only for the specimen collection. “

    (via scientificillustration)

  3. thegildedcentury:

    Life, September 10, 1945

    Soap so good, you’ll fuck a swan.

  4. mudwerks:

    (via Golden Age Comic Book Stories)

    Art by J. Allen St John - Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Venus Series 

  5. beforethemastrp:


    Amor Y Olas by ~Felixdeon

    (Source: another--galaxy)

  7. George Herriman’s Early Masterpieces; New Books from Rosebud Archives

    Rosebud Archives, founded by Rick Marschall and Jonathan Barli, specializes in the great comic and illustration work of the late 19th and early 20th centuries…


  9. Cigarette Card- Have Faith But Be Realistic

    Churchman’s Cigarettes “Eastern Proverbs A Series” (set of 25 issued in 1931) #5 “call on God, but row away from the rocks”

  10. aycarambas:

    Sea anemones chromolithograph, 1923.

    (via scientificillustration)

  11. mudwerks:

    GIL ELVGREN (by Anne T. Boleyn)

  12. An 1878 Book Illustrated by R. André

    Vintage art, history, and information from the
    golden age of printing and publishing on paper

    - mkpix.org -

  13. mudwerks:

    (via The Imperial Sailing Palace - English Russia)

    The yacht looked rather unusual: the yacht itself (the higher body) represented the boat cut at the waterline 79,25m long and 33,53m wide placed on the elleptic ponton (lower body) 71,63 m long and 46,63 m wide. In the middle section it was not higher than 5,49m, the bottom was flat, with three keels. It was often called “the bull on the halibut”.

  14. dirtyriver:

    June Truesdell - Be still my Love, DJ by Denis McLoughlin