1. I presume this sailor served on the armored cruiser “Admiral Makarov” (1906), what mainly stationed and fought as a part of the Baltic Fleet.Baltic Fleet.”

    Haul of imperial photos

  2. Goto Predestinatsia, flagship of Azov flotilla
    (Imperial Russian Navy) until 1711

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  3. Armored frigate Minin; built for the Imperial Russian Navy 1866–78. Sunk on 16 August 1915

    Builder: Baltic Works, Saint Petersburg
    Length: 295 ft (89.9 m)

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  4. The Peresvet-class were pre-dreadnought battleships of the Imperial Russian Navy. All three ships were lost by the Russians in the Russo-Japanese war. One ship was sunk at the Battle of Tsushima and two were captured after being sunk during the Siege of Port Arthur.

    Peresvet-class (Пересвет) - named after Alexander Peresvet, a Russian monk who was the champion at the Battle of Kulikovo

    Russian battleship Oslyabya

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