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    Sailor’s Knots  ….  brochure; Columbian Rope Co, 1925

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  2. The object of this little work is to present in a compact form and systematic order a complete list of all the most useful and important workings connected with Cordage, and a lucid explanation of their various formations.

    The explanations of some of the elementary knots have been gone into with what a practical seaman of even short experience may consider almost unnecessary minuteness, but the aim throughout has been to render the work of value to those who approach the subject for the first time.

    At the same time he must remember that proficiency in what is really skilled workmanship, amounting almost to an art, can only be gained by much practice and perseverance, and should gladly avail himself of any advice or help he may be able to obtain from his more experienced ship-mates.

    Single Spanish Burton - 53
    Double Spanish Burton (two forms) - 54
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    Max Hunziker, via A Journey Round My Skull.

  4. Well, how about that.  And you all thought it was something dirty.

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    Indeed, I am not sure but it would be safe to state that the real difference between civilized and savage man consists largely in the knowledge of knots and rope work.

    - A. Hyatt Verrill, Knots, Splices and Rope Work; 1917 full text

  8. If you haven’t tried it, I can tell you that trying to learn knots is the cheapest entertainment there is.

    diy project: sailor’s knot doorstop & paperweight »

    Thomas wrote:
    "Bought this about 20 years ago and have learned 1, maybe 2 knots from the book, but I love this book, certainly on my top ten, for a dry subject it’s surprisingly witty and entertaining, an essential."