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    Folks, please credit original work, it could be the difference between an artist getting their next paid-gig or not.  Putting our stuff out there to be seen is how we get jobs.

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    Illustration by Ren Wicks, 1964.

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    Poster for 1962’s Mermaids of Tiburon

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  5. Ralph Cahoon's A Shocking Incident at the Boston Public Garden set the new auction record for the artist at $207,000


  6. Monday is Wake and Bake Day


    Ray Ceasar <3

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  8. by David Hewson

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    Keisuke Ito (1803–1901) - AKA ‘the father of modern Japanese botany’ - was a noted botanist, medical practitioner, and prolific natural history illustrator. He included several mermaid illustrations in his books, which consisted mostly of drawings of known animals. via pinktentacle.com

  10. idle dreams of shoe and me?


    idle dreams of you and me


    - Cover, ‘La Vie Parisienne’ (1925?)
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    The Mermaid by Frederick Stuart Church (1482-1923)


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    Nick Cardy.

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  14. for my speshul leetle sailor boy!!  (glitter, hearts, eyelashes, kisses & pinches!)


    La sirena (by Gaia)

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    Glynis Johns, “Miranda” 1948

    Actress Glynis Johns dressed as a mermaid, cleans her nails in the bath, in a scene from the film “Miranda”. Mid-20th century

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