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    Bert Grimm

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    Sea Music By M. Sutcliffe c.1900 

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    The Undrowned Child.

    [Kurt & Zelda]

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    Mermaids - sirens - monster fish

    France c. 1450-70



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    water chimera

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    Mermaid Sisters.

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    Christopher Columbus reported seeing three mermaids in the ocean off of Haiti in January of 1493.  He reported that they “came quite high out of the water”, but were “not as pretty as they are depicted, for somehow in the face they look like men.” 

  11. Aquarama Postcard  Aug. 1964

    Description from the back - “On the Lake of the Ozarks at Osage Beach, Mo. The world’s most unique theatre. Barbara Hodgson - One of the beautiful Mermaid’s starring in the underwater show at the Aquarama.”

    Published by Aurora Postcard Company., Aurora, Missouri. Advercolor Photograph by T. Sidney Harley. Aug. 1964


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    Fantasy Ink: Mermaids

    Calendar illustration by Ren Wicks, 1964.

  14. East Coasting - London & North Eastern railway booklet by Dell Leigh - frontispiece by Edward Bawden - 1930 The London & North Eastern Railway had very high standards for publicity - commissioning some of the best graphic designers and artists of the day.

    This booklet is, even by their standards, unique - a small booklet whose plain but stylish cover hides some marvellous work by Edward Bawden and the whole set up and printed by the wonderful Curwen Press. The frontispiece gives an indication of the inventive and playful illustrations to be found - quite how the thought of being carried off by a mermaid or giant lobster enticed people to England’s east coast I don’t know!

    Original (3544 x 5732)
  15. The Marine Room

         Them mermaids is good eatin. Original 783 x 1780