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    Tumblr: el amor de tu vida.

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    Walter M Baumhofer (posted by oldcarguy41)

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    Falling in love, falling off a cliff… same thing, really.
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    Amor Y Olas by ~Felixdeon

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  5. Sailboats in the Ghetto - “A World Apart” - DC’s Cautionary Tale about Racial Prejudice

    I am not gonna lie — I was drawn to purchase this issue of Heart Throbs (issue #140 - April 1972) primarily because of the rad sailboat sweater sported by the female lead…


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    Girls’ Love Stories #139, November 1968.

  7. book-aesthete:

    Le roman de Tristan et Iseut
    Joseph Bédier, ed. Paris: L’Édition d’art, 1926.

    Gorgeously bound version of the beloved Celtic Arthurian legend, here in Bédier’s French rendition — an attempt to reconstruct the ideal original version of this oft-retold romance. The text is attractively printed, each chapter opening with a large foliate capital.

    Binding: 20th-century hand-painted vellum, front cover with sailing ship between decorative bands accomplished in a style reminiscent of the Bayeux Tapestry, spine with title and decorations, back cover with castle tower and distant ship motif. Publisher’s original tan paper wrappers with Celtic motifs bound in.

  8. thewidowflannigan:

    ok seriously what is it with 19th century artists depicting the act of smooching in such a way that it just looks like dude is practicing his bagpipe skills on a borrowed cadaver? seriously.


    Maximilián Pirner - In Bloom, 1883

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    Pirate Wench by Frank Shay. Unknown artist, 1950.

  10. Water Wench Wednesday


    ” Merboy Offering a Shell to His Mergirl “  ….. Artist: Elena Flerova, Russia