1. HMS Minotaur - British Broadside Ironclad, 1868 (more photos)

    Closeup photograph of the ship’s bow, taken in port after 1875, showing crewmen, anchor and mooring chains, bowsprit rigging and bow decorations.

    U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph

    (via architecturalarbiter)

  2. USS Bennington (Gunboat # 4)

    Off Valparaiso, Chile, 3 April 1894

  3. USS Bennington (PG-4)

    In drydock at the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, circa 1894-98. The original photograph was published on a color-tinted postcard by Edward H. Mitchell, San Francisco.

  4. Samoan Hurricane of 15-16 March 1889

    Scene in Apia Harbor, Upolu, Samoa, during salvage efforts, circa late March or early April. The view looks about northwestward. In the foreground are improvised shear legs and purchase for handling guns, carriages and other heavy weights removed from the wrecks. This arrangement was used both in landing materials and later in embarking it on USS Monongahela for transit home.

    The bow of the German gunboat Eber is at left, by the shear legs. USS Trenton is in the center, with the sunken USS Vandalia alongside. Vandalia’s smokestack has been removed to replace that of USS Nipsic, which is probably the ship in the right distance. In the left distance is the German gunboat Adler, on her side in shallow water

    U.S. Naval Historical Center Photograph