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    Mayflower Hotel - Los Angeles, California on Flickr.

    535 South Grand Avenue
    Los Angeles 17, California
    In The Heart of Downtown Los Angeles
    350 outside rooms with television and radio. Airline bus service at our front door every 30 minutes.

  2. I sure hope that’s not a laxative advertisement


    When Nature Won’t, Pluto Will (by Namey McNamerson)

  4. mudwerks:

    A Plank Shad And A Chicken (by Namey McNamerson)

  6. If they are more than 12 pounds, throw them back. The meat is too stringy and dry by then.


    Harvesting The Water Babies (by Namey McNamerson)

  7. vintagegal:

    Postcard circa 1908

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  8. HMS Good Hope was a 14,100-ton Drake-class armoured cruiser of the British Royal Navy; she was originally planned to be named Africa, but was renamed before she was launched. Laid down on 11 September 1899 and launched on 21 February 1901, with her heaviest gun being of 9.2 inch (234mm) calibre, she became the flagship of the 1st Cruiser Squadron, Atlantic Fleet, in 1906, and in 1908 became the flagship of the 2nd Cruiser Squadron. Sunk at the battle of Coronel 1 November 1914

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    HMS Good Hope (1901)

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    Britain’s Sure Shield

    Postmarked 15th February 1915

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  11. God, that’s dismal. Very true though, my father’s ship was the only minesweeper that was still floating at the end of the war. 


    “The minesweeper and his comrade”


    Der Minensucher und sein Kamerad

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  12. Scarborough Castle is a former Medieval Royal fortress situated on a rocky promontory overlooking the North Sea and the town of Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England.

    The earliest fortifications on the site were built in the 1130s, but the present stone castle dates from the 1150s. Over the centuries, several other structures were added, with medieval monarchs investing heavily in what was then an important fortress that guarded the Yorkshire coastline, Scarborough’s port trade, and the north of England from Scottish or continental invasion.

    It was also fortified and defended for various civil wars, sieges and conflicts, as kings fought with rival barons, faced rebellion and clashed with republican forces, though peace with Scotland and the conclusion of civil and continental wars in the 17th century led to its decline in importance.

    Once occupied by garrisons and governors who often menaced the town, the castle has been a ruin since the sieges of the English Civil War, but still attracts many visitors to climb the battlements, take in the views and enjoy the accompanying interactive exhibition and special events run by English Heritage.

    more on wiki

    Yorkshire; Scarborough Castle in the 1890’s - vintage postcard

         Old Pictures of Scarborough in Yorkshire in England

  13. Yorkshire, Scarborough, South Bay 1900’s - vintage postcard

         Old Pictures of Scarborough in Yorkshire in England

  14. Yorkshire, Scarborough; Children’s Corner 1900’s - vintage postcard

    Old Pictures of Scarborough in Yorkshire in England

  15. Big Mad Monkey



    A dark gorilla greets you at a dark ride on the Fun Pier, Wildwood By The Sea, New Jersey.