2. Castillo del Morro lighthouse in Havana, Cuba vintage postcard

    1845 (station established 1764). Active; focal plane 44 m (144 ft); two white flashes every 15 s. 25 m (82 ft) unpainted round masonry tower with lantern and gallery, built on the ramparts of the Castillo de los Tres Reyes del Morro (El Morro Castle).

         from Lighthouses of Cuba

    view today - Vintage lens at the top of the stairs (more)

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  3. MV Columba at Coll - vintage postcard from Scotland

  5. H.M.S. Duke of Yorkposted to flickr by Greg Bishop

    “HMS DUKE of YORK Firing the Big Gun; 1942” - A beautiful action shot of this proud British warship. Firing a 14-inch broadside during the Battle of North Cape on 26th Dec 1943; the German battlecruiser Scharnhorst met her end under these very guns.


    Original (1280 x 960)

    Newsreel footage of the ships that participated in the battle

  6. Beer Head Beach - vintage postcard

    wiki: The village of Beer is in south-east Devon, England, on Lyme Bay. The village of Beer is situated on the 95-mile long Jurassic Coast, England’s first natural World Heritage Site and its picturesque cliffs, including Beer Head, form part of the South West Coast Path.

    The name is not derived from the drink but from the old Anglo-Saxon word “bearu” (“grove”), referring to the original forestation that surrounded the town. It is a pretty coastal village that grew up around a smugglers’ cove and caves which were once used to store contraband goods.

    Beer Head Beach today

  7. RMS Baltic onboard postcard

    wiki: RMS Balticwas an ocean liner of the White Star Line that sailed between 1904 and 1933. At 23,876 gross tons, she was the largest ship in the world until 1905. She was launched on 21 November 1903 by Harland and Wolff at Belfast and sailed from Liverpool on her maiden voyage to New York on 29 June 1904.

    On 14 April 1912, the Baltic sent an ice warning message to the RMS Titanic:

    Greek steamer Athenia reports passing icebergs and large quantities of field ice today in latitude 41° 51’ N, longitude 49° 52’ W. Wish you and Titanic all success. Commander.

  8. Annapolis; US Naval Academy - vintage postcard: "Midshipmen Preparing for a Sailboat Drill"

  10. Phototypie Co (Neuchâtel) postcard of Helvétie (2), ex-G.Escher at Morat/Murten


    -Lac de Neuchâtel

  11. Weston-super-Mare Birnbeck Pier (also referred to as the Old Pier)

    -Weston-super-Mare vintage postcards

    Weston-super-Mare is a seaside resort, town and civil parish in the unitary authority of North Somerset, which is within the ceremonial county of Somerset, England. It is located on the Bristol Channel coast, 18 miles (29 km) south west of Bristol, spanning the coast between the bounding high ground of Worlebury Hill and Bleadon Hill. It includes the suburbs of Oldmixon, West Wick and Worle. Its population according to the 2001 census was 71,758

    more on wiki

  12. 1960s postcard of Cromer Pier

    -UK Ports, Piers, and Lighthouses

  13. C.Mundy postcard (Cromer) of Cromer Pier with the 1923 lifeboat house

    -UK Ports, Piers, & Lighthouses

  14. sailorjunkers:

    The Speed Girl

    Italian postcard by Rotalcolor, nr. 10.

     (by Truus, Bob & Jan too!)

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    no-thing about this…

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