1. Howard Pyle’s Book of Pirates (more)
    Published by Harper & Brothers - 1921

  2. Some girls I know.

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  3. After Joseph Mallord William Turner, Ramsgate, Kent, engraved by R. Wallis published 1824

    Engraving on paper; Tate Gallery

  4. - Theodore Gudin - Storm in the Sea [1832] -

    Original (1472 x 1020)

    Baron Jean Antoine Théodore de Gudin (Paris, August 15, 1802, - Boulogne-sur-Seine, April 11, 1880) was a French painter of the 19th century. He especially painted navy scenes, and was a pupil of Girodet-Trioson. Gudin was one of the first Peintres de la Marine, at the court of Louis-Philippe and Napolean III.

  5. Cruiser “Bayan" c. (1900)
    Navy Paintings by Artist Vladimir Emyshev

    The cruiser Bayan (Russian: Баян) was the lead ship in the Bayan-class of armored cruisers in the Imperial Russian Navy.

    It was built in Toulon, France by the Compagnie des Forges et Chantiers de la Méditerranée à la Seine. Its name means “bard” or “storyteller” in Russian.

    The Bayan was scuttled during the Russo-Japanese War, and then raised by the Japanese and commissioned as the Aso. She was eventually sunk as a target off Izu Ōshima in 1932.


  7. mudwerks:

    (via The Bestiarium of Aloys Zötl (1831-1887) | The Public Domain Review)

    The Sea Turtle (1867)

    These beautiful watercolours come from the Austrian painter Aloys Zötl’s Bestiarium, a series of exquisite paintings of various animals undertaken from 1831 through until his death in 1887. He was relatively unknown until, decades after his death, his work was “re-discovered” by surrealist André Breton who was taken by the surrealist aesthetic he saw present in the images – as he writes: “Lacking any biographical details about the artist, one can only indulge one’s fantasies in imagining the reasons which might have induced this workman from Upper Austria, a dyer by profession, to undertake so zealously between 1832 and 1887 the elaboration of the most sumptuous bestiary ever seen.” 

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    Mermaid 1


    Gouache on paper

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  10. zolotoivek:

    Aleksandr Deineka - At the Press, Illustration for ‘Prozhektor’, 1931

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    Hiroshi Yoshida

    These were too beautiful not to reblog. 

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    Portrait of a Midshipman by Sir Martin Archer Shee.

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    At Anchor, Under The Moon   …..  Artist: Scott Balmer, UK, Copyright 2011 (c)

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    Altdorfer Albrecht - The Battle of Alexander at Issus (detail) 1529

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