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    rock lobster

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  2. Lobsters Are Now Ruthless, Cannibal Savages

    As an experiment, Noah Oppenheim, a marine biology graduate student at the University of Maine, attached a waterproof, infrared camera to the head of a young lobster. As evening set in, he saw sights that cannot be unseen (but can be seen by you in the video below). Lobsters eating lobsters.

    Oppenheim says this is the first time that researchers have seen lobster cannibalism so rampantly in the wild. Lobsters are known for chomping on each other while in captivity (that’s why they wear those stylin’ rubber bands around their claws as they paw at the glass in grocery store tanks). Basically, they have been around for approximately 139 million years, so they know how the fuck to survive. They will eat their closest friend and only companion.

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    Literate Lobster Series: Food camp started early this year. (courtesy of @D3un)

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  5. Pieroni’s Sea Grill; vintage postcard

    "One of the famous Pieroni’s Sea Grills located at 601
    Washington St., in the heart of the shopping and theatre
    district invites you to dine when in Boston. Est. 1895.”

    -This Side For Writing

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    Vogue 1930s

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    In honor of New York City Restaurant Week

    Look at the waitress’s hair! If the gun over the fireplace was hanging a little lower and pointing to her hairdo, this would be perfect.

    That is one massive lobster appetizer on the table.

    Manchester, New Hampshire

    Fine food and good service in the New England tradition is further enhanced by fine wines. A leisurely meal is made even more enjoyable in such a setting as this. 

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    “The Internet is a telephone system that’s gotten uppity.” Clifford Stoll

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    Warwick Goble  1862 ~ 1943 

    The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, Published by Macmillan Co ~ 1924

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    Claws Come Out in Mayors’ AFC Game Bets. “If the New England Patriots win on Sunday, Mayor Rawlings-Blake will send a platter of crab cakes from J.W. Faidley Seafood in Baltimore’s historic Lexington Market. But if the Baltimore Ravens defeat the Patriots, Mayor Menino will send a local lobster dinner to Rawlings-Blake.”

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    Astounding Science Fiction, January, 1942

    Your concern is noted, but if I listened to every lobsterish creature with an opinion, I never would’ve gotten anywhere in this life.


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    One of the scenes from The Secret Life of Lobsters that people remark about most is the description of the “LTV”—”lobster trap video”—which exposed the behavior of lobsters in a trap as rather like a mob of escaped convicts in a barroom brawl. Escaped convicts because, after their…

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    “The Prime Lobster” political cartoon, 1828.

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