1. Ernest Hemingway: Islands in the Stream
    Published by Scribners and Sons, 1970
    Jacket design by Paul Bacon

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    Baptista Boazio, 1589, Colombia

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    “He had brought a large map representing the sea,

    Without the least vestige of land:

    And the crew were much pleased when they found it to be

    A map they could all understand.”

    The Hunting of the Snark – An agony in 8 fits (Lewis Carroll, 1874)

    From Deconcrete

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  8. Manhattan, New York - 1911

    Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Typography  on BibliOdyssey

    Title pages, headings and letterforms clipped, cropped and isolated
    from maps and map publications issued between about 1880 and 1920


    Cincinatti, Ohio - 1904


    Hallowell, Maine - December, 1889

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    Bird’s Eye View of Portland, Maine; c. 1888

    full size: 1000 x 754

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    Pas de quoi.

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    From  ‘La Sphere du Monde’1549, by Oronce Fine.

    You can find more illustrations from this book here.

    However interesting these may seem, Fine’s ideas were not original and he was looked down upon by most of his contemporaries. 

    Fine’s scientific work may be briefly characterised as encyclopaedic, elementary, and unoriginal. It appears that the goal of his publications, which range in subject from astronomy to instrumental music, was to popularise the university science that he himself had been taught.

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    Chairman Island, from Two Years’ Vacation by Jules Verne.

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