3. REX BRANDT (American, 1914-2000)
    Balboa Yacht Club Dinghies, 1978
    Watercolor on paper

  5. The Bermuda sloop is a type of fore-and-aft rigged sailing vessel developed on the islands of Bermuda in the 17th century.

    In its purest form, it is single-masted, although ships with such rigging were built with as many as three masts, which are then referred to as schooners.

    Its original form had gaff rigging, but evolved to use what is now known as Bermuda rig, which had been used on smaller Bermudian boats since the early 17th Century, making it the basis of nearly all modern sailing yachts.more


    " Three Masted Bermuda Sloop Entering Kingston Harbor, Jamaica "  ….  [1834]  Artist: John Lynn, UK

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  6. FRANK HENRY MASON (British, 1876-1965)
    Pirate Attack
    Oil on canvas

  7. JACK SPURLING (British, 1871-1933)
    The New Zealand Clipper Ship Piako, 1926
    Watercolor and gouache on paper

    The Piako River is a lowland river system that drains into the Firth of Thames on the North Island of New Zealand.

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    Whitby Harbor by Moonlight - John Atkinson Grimshaw


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  11. "Am Skagerak kam es zwischen 99 deutschen und 151 britischen Kriegsschiffen zur größten Seeschlacht der Geschichte."

    "At the Skagerrak there was between 99 German and 151 British warships into the largest naval battle in history."

    Skagerrak = Battle of Jutland

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    ‘Under Sail’ ~ Montague Dawson

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  14. 1810: The Naval Battle of Grand Port

    From left to right: French frigate Bellone, French frigate Minerve, Victor (background) and Ceylon

    artist: Pierre-Julien Gilbert (1783–1860)

    Fought between squadrons of frigates from the French Navy and the Royal Navy from 20-27 August, in the island of Mauritius, SW Indian Ocean, ends. The battle was a disaster for the British; one ship was captured after suffering irreparable damage, the grounded ships were set on fire to prevent their capture by French boarding parties and the third vessel was seized as it left the harbour by the main French squadron from Port Napoleon, Mauritius, under Commodore Jacques Hamelin. The British defeat was the worst the Royal Navy suffered during the entire Napoleonic war, and it left the Indian Ocean and its vital trade convoys exposed to attack from French frigates.

  15. The Fall of Nelson Battle of Trafalgar 21 October 1805
    Museum:     National Maritime Museum
    Artist:     Denis Dighton;  (1792 – 8 August 1827) English painter, best known for his military portraits and battle scenes.