1. thegildedcentury:

    Thrilling Wonder Stories, February, 1942

  2. Eerie 99-year-old Hitler painting The Nocturnal Sea to go to Auction

    A sinister painting by Nazi monster Adolf Hitler is to go under the hammer for the first time since he painted it nearly 100 years ago.

    The brooding seascape is listed for sale by online auctioneers Darke in Slovakia is expected to sell for more than £10,000.

    Painted in 1913 while a young Hitler was struggling to make a career as an artist, the 24inch by 19inch canvas shows a dark sea lit up only by a moon about to be shrouded by black clouds.


  3. Real Photo Post Card: Extreme Point of Lands End. Circa 1920’s

    (note partially submerged mast)

    —J . Cosmas Vintage Photography

  4. rhamphotheca:

    biomedicalephemeraManatus australis (now Trichecus manatus

    West Indian Manatee

    The West Indian Manatee includes the subspecies Trichecus manatus latirostris, the Florida Manatee. This is the species that likes to loll around the river heads of central-southern Florida during the winter, leading to the development of several “manatee parks” that let tourists and residents view the overwintering creatures, while also providing rehabilitation to the injured and an especially strongly protected area for the wild individuals.

    Manatees belong to the order Sirenia, which also includes dugongs and the extinct Stellar’s sea cow. Unlike other marine mammals, Sirenia are primarily herbivorous, though they are opportunistic feeders and will consume small fish and crustaceans when they’re nearby.

    Biologia centrali-americana: Mammalia. Edward Richard Alston, 1882.

    (via scientificillustration)

  5. No dental insurance


    IMG_2517 by Jenny Varley

  9. yama-bato:

    Jacques Henri Lartigue, Tempête à Nice en février, 1925 (detail)


    see full size

  12. 100leaguesunderthesea:

    Red-spotted Coral Crab (Trapezia rufopunctata) by Brian Mayes

  13. freakyfauna:

    World without water.

    (Den Aardkloot van water ontbloot, na twee zijden aante sien.)
    Dutch, 1690.

    Found here.

    (via fuckyeahcartography)