1. sailorgil:

    Port of New Orleans — Circa 1852 ….. Lithograph by D.W.Moody

  2. Le Cachalot - Atlas d’Histoire Naturelle
    on Bibliodyssey

  3. mediocrity-principle:

    Glaucus radiatus 

    Sagra, Ramon de la, 1798-1871

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  4. loreoftheocean:

    Utagawa Hiroshige - Awa Province (1855)

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  5. Block print by Rockwell Kent from N by E
     Weslayan University Press, 1930.

    BOOK REVIEW by Allison Hart Lengyel

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  7. vintagenewyork:

    New York City


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  8. Sea monster and giant robot by Ryan Heshka

    Super Punch: The Man Ray is for an upcoming show at Copro. The giant robot is the cover of Cinelli’s cycling catalog. There are various Ryan Heshka prints on sale here.

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  9. Ship Building the Freighter 1919
    Dorothy Stevens
    Archives of Ontario

  10. Squidhouse by Andy Helms. It, and several other great prints, are only $15 at Etsy.

  11. sorry, don’t remember where I found this.