1. cavetocanvas:

    Ivan Aivazovsky, The Sunset, 1866

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  5. Captain A.A. Bestic: Kicking the Canvas

    A Tremendous Story of Sea Adventure
    Pan Books 1960

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  6. lostsplendor:

    Scheherazade by Alberto Vargas, 1921.  

    During my time in high school I picked up a coffee table book of illustrations by Alberto Vargas only to relocate said book this afternoon.  Out of the dozens of famed pieces spanning multiple decades, this illustration from 1921 seemed most noteworthy, causing me to snap a quick photograph for all of you who may take interest.  

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  7. Love this painting


    Egon Schiele

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  9. sylvanus-urban:

    A View of Dover from the Pier, 1767 by Charles Gore.

    The famous white cliffs with the castle above. According to the source, there are Revenue vessels in amongst the shipping.

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  10. Valentine Card c.1840

    A coloured lithograph of a ship sailing on the sea with a door revealing a sailor being given a valentine by a cupid below deck.

    Verse below image read:

    Oh! true ‘tis indeed I would taste of the lip / That flies from the Cottage & ventures the Ship / For she who inclines to a Sailor’s own heart, / In the gale of adversity - never will part

    Let it blow, and blow hard, my own fond one believe / I will ever be faithful, and never deceive / In Hymen’s own bonds, no intruder should sever / And living, love on - yes for ever and ever

    British Postal Museum & Archive

    - Original (1229 x 1500) -

  11. book-aesthete:

    Le roman de Tristan et Iseut
    Joseph Bédier, ed. Paris: L’Édition d’art, 1926.

    Gorgeously bound version of the beloved Celtic Arthurian legend, here in Bédier’s French rendition — an attempt to reconstruct the ideal original version of this oft-retold romance. The text is attractively printed, each chapter opening with a large foliate capital.

    Binding: 20th-century hand-painted vellum, front cover with sailing ship between decorative bands accomplished in a style reminiscent of the Bayeux Tapestry, spine with title and decorations, back cover with castle tower and distant ship motif. Publisher’s original tan paper wrappers with Celtic motifs bound in.

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  12. yajifun:

    saikaku safuranko : oranda denpo / Unknown

    阿蘭陀傳方 犀角蕃紅花香(さいかくさふらんかう) 絵師不明 1842年

    “天保十三壬寅歳 小 三ふらん香 五かんや六しを八わらけて 十分に成? 極上薬”

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  14. mondonoir:

    IJszeilboot/Ice sailboat, A. Terrier, January 17, 1600

    In the 17th century, it was so cold that meteorologists spoke of a Little Ice Age. The ice sailboat addressed the challenge of transporting goods over frozen lakes and rivers.

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  15. yama-bato:

    Original Hiroshige (1797 - 1858) Japanese Woodblock Print
    Wakasa Province, a Fishing Boat Catching Flat Fish in a Net
    Series; Famous Views of the Sixty-odd Provinces

    Wakasa Province, a Fishing Boat Catching Flat Fish in a Net by Hiroshige (1797 - 1858)