1. malebeautyinart:

    J.Sidney Willis Hodges: Lord Hood of Avalon as a Midshipman (Watercolour ca. 1860)

    (via sailorgil)

  2. oldbookillustrations:

    Gustave Doré, headpiece vignette to chapter V, from La mythologie du Rhin (The Mythology of the Rhine), by X-B. De Saintine, Paris, 1862.

    (Source: archive.org)

  3. Superboy #9 (DC, 1950)

    Humpty Dumpty, the Hobby Robber appearance. John Sikela cover and art. Curt Swan art.

  6. Clark’s Mile-End Spool Cotton

    N. Y. Wemple & Company Advertising card, c 1870

  7. Wake of the Red Witch (Republic, 1949) Belgian movie poster

    Based upon the 1946 novel with the same name by Garland Roark; John Wayne stars as a sea captain in the early 1860s East Indies out for revenge against a wealthy shipping magnate.

    plot synopsis on wikipediafull movie on You Tube

  10. The Sea Beast (Warner Brothers, 1926)

    Warner Brothers brought John Barrymore to the studio in 1924 to lend credibility to their pictures, and what was more appropriate to tackle than the classic Herman Melville story, Moby Dick?

    The film was a loose adaptation of the novel, rewritten to give the story more of a romantic flair. This 10-reel silent was the film on which Barrymore wooed his future wife, Dolores Costello, whom he would marry soon after the picture wrapped. Barrymore would later remember this film as his favorite and he would star in the remake in 1930 titled Moby Dick.

  13. Blackgang’s Summer Movie Review

    Adventure’s End (Realart, R- 1949)

    Starring John Wayne, Diana Gibson, Montagu Love, Moroni Olsen, Maurice Black, Paul White, Cameron Hall, Patrick J. Kelly, George Cleveland, and Glenn Strange. Directed by Arthur Lubin.

    Pacific pearl diver Duke Slade (John Wayne) escapes angry natives by joining on to a whaler whose dying captain persuades him to marry his daughter, already being wooed by the first mate. +  (more)

  14. Captains Courageous (MGM, 1937). Lobby Card Set

    Spoiled rich boy Harvey Cheyne (played to perfection by Freddie Bartholomew) has a real attitude problem. When he falls overboard while traveling on an ocean liner, Harvey is rescued by a fishing boat heading out to sea.

    Unable to convince the crew that he is, indeed, the scion of a wealthy family, Harvey is put under the care of Manuel (Spencer Tracy), a Portuguese fisherman, from whom he learns a number of valuable life lessons.