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  7. sailorgil:

    " Three Sailor Boys "  …  Cyanotype Print

    Sailors.jpg by akrausha on Flickr

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    " Boy Sailor "  …  Studio Portrait, CDV

    Sailor portrait.jpg by akrausha on Flickr.

  9. Marlinespike seamanship being taught to sailors in the early 20th century

    SCHOOL FOR SAILORS, NAVAL TRAINING STATION: Newport, Rhode Island. Instead of working at a blackboard with chalk, these pupils solve their problems on a wooden rail with rope. The course in elementary seamanship conducted in this rigging loft includes a mastery of the subject of knotting and splicing.

    National Geographic Magazine, Volume 31 (1917), page 351. (From a photo essay entitled “THE CALL TO THE COLORS”)

  10. ERNEST CHIRIACKA (American, 1920-2010)
    Floating Bedroom, paperback cover, 1963
    Gouache on board

  14. greatestgeneration:

    How to Lash Your Hammock 

    (Source: jackgordon.org)

  15. 4cp:

    "Punch" magazine advertisement illustration, early 1950s.